Since most of us are self taught in Photoshop Elements or other software, it’s easy to overlook elementary concepts. You find a way to make it work and it becomes a habit.

Sometimes its helpful to get back to basics – and open yourself to a few “so that’s how you do it” moments. Here’s one, posted by ChristineS on TheDigiChick:

I have seriously wondered if you could do this EVER SINCE I started digi scrapping — open a paper or embellishment directly onto a layout…instead of opening it and then dragging it on to your LO (and having to go back and close all those things you opened and dragged)

YOU CAN. Please don’t laugh at me if you already knew this — I have been doing it the same way I’ve always done it – the way I learned from the first digi tutorial I read almost exactly 2 years ago (file ->open, drag to layout)

Try this: file -> place
It plunks the paper or embelly right in the middle of your LO and automatically has transform controls available …AND it names the layer with the name of the thing you just imported. HOW COOL IS THAT for remembering credits??

While both methods (drag & drop and file > place) work just fine, as ChristineS says, the placing method streamlines the process.