As part of my recommitment to blogging and sharing more of myself on the blog, I thought it would be fun to participate in the around here / currently meme.

My plan is to do this on the last day of each month as a little recap of everyday life from my perspective. I intend to print this and include it my Project Life album too.

Around Here | January 2014 at Simple Scrapper

Around here it finally feels like we’re getting back into a routine after a ridiculously busy November and December. (Love that feeling!) I’m caught up on Downton Abbey but not on laundry.

Around here I am trying to get myself and Steve (my husband) into the photos more. While Emily is the most adorable of us three, I want all of us represented in our scrapbooks. I’m trying to take more selfies, but it’s hard to not be self-critical. 

Around here Emily loves to “read” (and be read to), pet Annika the cat, watch Blue’s Clues, help Mommy and Daddy, and has started playing with the original-size Legos.

Around here I am getting lots of ducks in a row with Simple Scrapper, so that I can focus on teaching my workshop at Big Picture Classes during March. (Did you see the sneak peeks?)

Around here I am still enjoying green smoothies on many mornings, but also love eggs with rye toast or overnight oatmeal. Sometimes I make coffee several days in a row, and other times I go without for a week or more.

Around here our daycare finally had space in the 2-3 year old class for Emily. (She’s 2.5 now!) She moved up, along with Mary Ella, and they are both excited to be reunited with their friend Ella. The teachers call them the Three Musketeers.

Around here I am suddenly realizing I enjoy typing my reflections before scrapbooking them and looking forward to more!