On the last day of each month I’m sharing a personal recap that will also be included in my Project Life album.

2014-02-17 11.07.54-2

Around here I am totally over all this polar vortex nonsense (see ice-coated window above) and am questioning why I ever left California. I always though the winters here were super wimpy and now I am eating my words. My Birkenstocks and I are so over it.

Around here I am getting a bit of cabin fever and starting to dig out of winter’s clutter. I’m puttering around more, slowly getting things put away and starting to plan for bigger projects. First on the list is a big craft closet purge during our members-only stash bash!

Around here I am realizing my scrapbook stash is growing a little too fast and I’m considering the best steps to take. Part of me wants to go on a multi-month period of no spending, but I will admit I fear missing out on something cool.

Around here my little girl is dressing up like a ballet butterfly princess almost daily, complete with tutu, wings, and tiara. But she doesn’t call herself a princess, she says “I am superhero!” Hear that gives me confidence that I am raising her right.

Around here I made a little checklist on a piece of paper for drinking more water. I don’t need an app; I just need to keep it simple and try to put more good things in my body as it comes out of deep hibernation mode.

Around here I am still feeling a bit overwhelmed and not-so-spacious. I think this is a common feeling in February and I’m trying to just go with it. I feel like I can count a victory this month of being more present and engaged with my family.

Around here I am celebrating that Steve and I have checked off two dates so far and already have a day outing planned for March. I’m trying hard to remember that we can’t wait until we’re not busy to spend quality time together.

How did February treat you? I’d love it if you shared one highlight, challenge, or realization in the comments.