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How to Get Started with Project Life (Q&A)

It’s Q&A month and I’m answering your biggest questions about life, business, and simple scrapbooking.

Q&A with Jennifer Wilson | How to Get Started with Project Life

Do you do Project Life? How do you approach it? How can I get started?

Yes, I do Project Life but my approach is a little bit different. I have incorporated pocket pages into my traditional scrapbooking with the use of Stacy Julian’s Library of Memories categories.

You can read (a lot) more about my take on Project Life here.

To get started, I recommend that you think about pocket pages as a format variation that can become part of your scrapbooking. Look to your own favorite scrapbooking approaches and see how pockets might help you simplify. In my opinion there is no one way to “do Project Life”.

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One Response to How to Get Started with Project Life (Q&A)

  1. Gab June 24, 2014 at 6:53 am #

    I’m using pocket pages for my travel albums – to get lots of photos in!

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