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Where Else to See & Hear Me

Last year was very much about creating space by saying no, by hunkering down and doing the work. Now that I have a plan for the year in place, I'm more open to connecting (are you on Instagram?) and saying yes more.


In the past two months I've been on two podcasts and been interviewed by Skype and by email. If you're interested in hearing my take on some different topics, including many personal tidbits, here are the links:

Guest on the Paperclipping Roundtable
In PRT236 we answered listener questions, covering quite the range of topics. Fellow guests included Peppermint Granberg Jones and Kelly Sill.

Guest on the Digi Scrap Geek podcast
Our conversation in DSG15 focused on choosing projects and seeing them through. I enjoyed joining this group for the first time.

Interview with Melissa Shanhun
My conversation with Melissa tackles the common problem of unfinished projects. We don't hold back here, revealing personal wins and fails.

Interview with Jamie Leija
Curious about me? I answer Jamie's questions for her new creative business owner series. I had so much fun telling this part of my story.


This Month at Simple Scrapper

The Simple Scrapper community is active and vibrant, full of memory keepers who love to keep life simple. There's always something going on here and this post is your reminder about where to find that information.

1. On the "This Month" page...

If you ever want to know what's going on at Simple Scrapper, the new This Month page is your one-stop-shop. There you will find links to our current challenge, the date and time of our next Simplicity Hour chat, and any information about classes and events.

Plus, on this very same page you'll also find our creative team gallery. Each month our talented team members create pages to inspire your simple scrapbooking journey using shortcuts from our membership.

2. On the blog...

I love brainstorming and preparing content for the Simple Scrapper blog just as much today as I did back in 2008. This month I've got a series of posts planned that help you tackle projects with more confidence. I'll explain why projects end up not finished and help you craft a doable roadmap for your next new thing.

Blog posts are recapped weekly in the Sunday newsletter, but you can subscribe to the blog's RSS feed to get updates whenever a post is published. The easiest way to subscribe is with Feedly or Bloglovin'.

3. On social media...

I love connecting with you and providing valuable information in the spaces you like to hang out. Today this interaction occurs predominantly on Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook is the water cooler, focused on fostering discussion and sharing links to helpful resources. Instagram is the micro magazine, expertly curated to keep you inspired and moving forward.

4. On the membership site...

Our Simple Scrapper members are already enjoying brand new content for simple scrapbooking, but you can join today to get immediate access to the following:

  • The new issue of Spark, our membership magazine.
  • Membership in our active members-only Facebook group.
  • A suite of must-have planning tools for scrapbookers.
  • Access to our Focus scrapbooking productivity program.

Membership also includes five new sketches and companion layered templates each month, plus full access to our library of past releases. Two of this month's new sketches and templates were inspired by:

Remember This from Stacy Cohen

Remember This

The Best Day from Waleski Neris


Oh, and because last month was focused on sharing news about this year, we neglected to shine a spotlight on our guest designers. Sketches in our January collection were inspired by:

Favorite Colors from Becki Adams

Becki Adams_Today

Homecoming from Diane Payne


Wawito from Carolina Orllana

scrapbook-cariorellana (1)

You can see examples using all of the new membership content in this month's creative team gallery.

Membership is the best way to receive support in your journey to simplify, in scrapbooking and in life. Our community is supportive and welcoming! Click to learn more about membership.

The Finishing Project: A New Workshop at Simple Scrapper

What sounds more fun?

Feeling guilty about all the projects you started and never finished.

- OR -

Feeling awesome that you confidently and consistently finish each project that you start.

Like you, I have been too ambitious in my project plans and too easily distracted by the lure of something new. Unfinished projects are almost a universal truth of creative hobbies. But here's the rub: Folks like us feel the weight of things left undone - and that can be quite a drag.

I was tired of letting my unfinished projects get in the way of enjoying my hobby, so I started finishing them. I stopped feeling guilty and started feeling awesome, full of pride to be a scrapbooker who actually finishes what she starts.

You can be a finisher too.

The Finishing Project workshop

I'm excited to invite you to my new workshop, The Finishing Project, where you will learn everything I know about completing photo books, mini albums, pocket page albums, and layout-based albums - and get one (or more) of your own projects finished in the process!

Click here to learn more about The Finishing Project.

P.S. I'm offering a special bonus of additional one-on-one attention from me for anyone who signs up right away.


Introducing: Start Fresh Anytime

I don't know about you, but this week is the first one of the new year that feels normal. Our holiday decorations have been stored away, everyone is healthy, and we're settling into routines once again.

If you were among the many still transitioning into 2015 last week, you might have missed the Start Fresh event. We spent five lovely (and intensive) days wiping the slate clean and dreaming about what's possible in our scrapbooking - and our lives.

Fortunately, I have good news. It's never too late to begin anew. You can still get a fresh start for 2015!


Introducing... Start Fresh Anytime, the do-it-yourself, do-it-whenever scrapbook planning e-course. I've taken the best of our annual event and repackaged it into a single download, for a single low price.

This is the first time I'm offering our annual Workbook & Planner outside of the event and without a membership. Plus, along with this essential tool you will receive guided instruction that will reinvigorate your hobby and help you craft a customized plan.

Wouldn't you love to:

  • Find time to scrapbook more easily,
  • Know exactly which project to tackle first, or
  • Easily remember each and every idea?

Click here to check out Start Fresh Anytime.


This Year at Simple Scrapper

2015 is going to be awesome!

Each year I craft an annual plan for Simple Scrapper, a roadmap to the simple tools and supportive experiences I will offer. This year I’m excited to provide my entire calendar on January 1, to help you plan for a year of joyful and uncomplicated memory keeping.

On the calendar this year...

On the calendar this year you'll find a suite of new and returning experiences to focus your efforts and move you forward by leaps and bounds. Whether you participate in one or all of these events and workshops, you'll gain renewed momentum and enjoyment for your scrapbooking practice.

January | Start Fresh
A 5-day event to help you let go, create a meaningful plan, and launch a joyful year of scrapbooking.

Start Fresh

March | New Project Workshop
A multi-week classroom experience focused on crafting a simple, meaningful project.

May | New Photo-Focused Event
A free 5-day event to rekindle your love of memory keeping with intentional photo management challenges.

July | Stash Bash
A 5-day event to leave you feeling in control of your stash and more motivated to tell your stories.

September | Project Workshop
A multi-week classroom experience focused on crafting a simple, meaningful project.

November | New Photo-Focused Event
A free 5-day event to rekindle your love of memory keeping with intentional photo management challenges.

I'm really excited to be able to serve scrapbookers in a variety of ways this year, through these special events as well as the membership program.

On the calendar each month...

In addition to the larger-scale activities I'm sharing, on the calendar each month you'll find free opportunities to participate in our community.

Story Starter™ Challenges
I've released new Story Starter™ prompts to our members every month for the past four years. In 2015, we'll share the monthly storytelling theme on the blog and invite you to participate in a challenge.

Simplicity Hour Chats
There's little more magical than coming together in a coffeehouse-like experience for sharing and problem solving. Each month you'll be invited to join me for an hour of conversation in our chat room.

Free Sketches & Templates
Page design doesn't have to be complicated. Visit the Simple Scrapper blog each month to get a new sketch and layered template for free. You'll also receive inspiring examples of the sketch in use by our creative team.

@simplescrapper on Instagram
After much deliberation I've decided to share small snippets of simple goodness daily on a separate Instagram account for Simple Scrapper. I'm both nervous and excited about nurturing our community in this way.

Plus, I will continue to share inspirational and educational content on the blog several times each week. And like in 2014, I'll be writing regularly on the application of my word of the year to scrapbooking and simple living.

This Year at Simple Scrapper

P.S. Did you miss our special blog series to help you simplify in 2015? You can click here to catch up with an audio recording and worksheet.