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Photo Crush: A New Free Event

The logic of the scrapbooking process is simple.

In order to scrapbook, you need photos. But to have photos ready, you need to know where they are and how to find what you want.


You are so not alone if your photo library is a mess and you feel overwhelmed just thinking about organization. Even as an educator in this industry I wish my digital photo library was in better shape than it is.

The commonality of this challenge is why I decided to create a brand new FREE event. I want you to gain control over your digital photos, so that you can enjoy your hobby more.

Photo Crush is a 7-day photo organization challenge to help you escape from photo chaos and create a digital photo library you love.

Photo Crush



This Month at Simple Scrapper

Did you know that I've written more than 1500 posts here since the fall of 2008? I'm kind of flabbergasted myself when I think about it. I blogged daily for many of the early years. Then as online content creation and consumption shifted, I did too.

However, it may seem that I've been even quieter than normal here on the blog. That's because I've been re-building a lot of the infrastructure for Simple Scrapper over the past few months. Things had gotten a little creaky and I needed to get some new tools in place that could support this community's growth - and help me maintain sanity.

During March my students in The Finishing Project kicked the tires on a new classroom/membership site and this weekend the members officially moved in. The next phase involves cleaning up this main site and giving the blog a more mobile-friendly look and feel. It's going to be great!

For the most part, you should see little to no construction "dust" but the membership is currently closed to new members. (You can sign up to be notified when it re-opens.) All that said, our monthly calendar looks just as full as ever. Here's what's coming up:

April 7 - Story Starter™ Challenge posted
Create a layout on this month's storytelling theme (sneak peek: In Good Faith) for a chance to win 3 months of membership at Simple Scrapper.

April 10 - Simplicity Hour chat at 8:30pm CT
Enjoy your hobby more when you join a group of like-minded memory keepers for an hour of casual conversation fostering connection, inspiration, and forward movement.

April 14 - Start of new blog series on photo management
I'm working on a new series of posts that share how I manage my library of images as well as my best advice on making that shift from photo chaos to photo peace.

April 21 - Free Sketch & Template posted
Every month in 2015 I'm sharing a free sketch and companion layered template from our membership archives. This is a great way to taste just one of the features of being a member at Simple Scrapper.

May 11 - Photo Crush begins
That new blog series is all leading up to a new FREE event I'm hosting in May. Photo Crush is a 7-day challenge to help you create a photo library you love. Registration is open.

I also want to acknowledge this month's contributors to our membership collection of sketches and templates:

Shine by Rut Cabrera

Layout by Rut Cabrera

This Right Here by Jenni Calma

This Month at Simple Scrapper

And there's two from me...



Our team did some amazing page this month with the collection and with our new set of Story Starters. You'll be able to see a taste of their work on Facebook and Instagram as well as every example in the membership.


This Month at Simple Scrapper

The Simple Scrapper community is active and vibrant, full of memory keepers who love to keep life simple. There's always something going on here and this post is your reminder about where to find that information.

1. On the "This Month" page...

If you ever want to know what's going on at Simple Scrapper, the This Month page is your one-stop-shop. There you will find links to our current challenge, the date and time of our next Simplicity Hour chat, and any information about classes and events.

Plus, on this very same page you'll also find our creative team gallery. Each month our talented team members create pages to inspire your simple scrapbooking journey using shortcuts from our membership.

2. On the blog...

I love brainstorming and preparing content for the Simple Scrapper blog just as much today as I did back in 2008. This month I've got a series of posts planned that focus on making your processes, especially Project Life, more efficient. I'll also be sharing some personal insights on my One Little Word for the year.

Blog posts are recapped weekly in the Sunday newsletter, but you can subscribe to the blog's RSS feed to get updates whenever a post is published. The easiest way to subscribe is with Feedly or Bloglovin'.

3. On social media...

I love connecting with you and providing valuable information in the spaces you like to hang out. Today this interaction occurs predominantly on Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook is the water cooler, focused on fostering discussion and sharing links to helpful resources. Instagram is the micro magazine, expertly curated to keep you inspired and moving forward.

4. On the membership site...

Our Simple Scrapper members are already enjoying brand new content for simple scrapbooking, but you can join today to get immediate access to the following:

  • The new issue of Spark, our membership magazine.
  • Membership in our active members-only Facebook group.
  • A suite of must-have planning tools for scrapbookers.
  • Access to our Focus scrapbooking productivity program.


Membership also includes five new sketches and companion layered templates each month, plus full access to our library of past releases. One of this month's new sketches and templates is 100% original and four were inspired by:

I'll Love You Forever by Melissa Morrelli
I'll Love You Forever by Melissa Morrelli

Blah by Stephanie Joanna
Blah by Stephanie Joanna

Miss Rabbit by Elena Stefanidou
Miss Rabbit by Elena Stefanidou

Flamenco Dancer by Jennifer Wilson (i.e. me!)
Flamenco Dancer by Jennifer Wilson

You can see examples using all of the new membership content in this month's creative team gallery.

Membership is the best way to receive support in your journey to simplify, in scrapbooking and in life. Our community is supportive and welcoming! Click to learn more about membership.

Giveaway | The Finishing Project Workshop Starts This Week

Before you start something new, how about taking some time to focus on what's already begun?

My new workshop, The Finishing Project, begins this Thursday.

The Finishing Project begins March 5.

During the four weeks of this class - plus one bonus week of support and accountability - you will receive expert instruction, customizable tools, and intimate support to tackle your unfinished projects.

To celebrate this week's kick off, I'm giving away 3 seats in class. Best of all, if you already signed up I'll refund your payment! 

How to Enter

Leave a comment sharing the project you most want to finish. Three winners will be selected from eligible entries at 9am on Tuesday, March 3, 2015 and updated on this post.

Congratulations to...


#57... Teri Johnson, who said "Having read and carefully considered your posts on choosing projects I can finish, I would like–no, plan–to finish a mini album for each of my two grandsons. I plan to give them to the boys for Easter. Hopefully, that will put me on track to finish more of my planned but not executed projects."

#80... Rosa, who said "Thanks for the chance to win. The project I most want to finish is “Before your Story” I know telling my story is important but I just keep making excuses about photos, or journaling, etc."

#1... Laura, who said "I am focusing on my Me: The Abridged Version album from Cathy Zielske’s class last fall."

Winners will be contacted directly with prize claim instructions.


Where Else to See & Hear Me

Last year was very much about creating space by saying no, by hunkering down and doing the work. Now that I have a plan for the year in place, I'm more open to connecting (are you on Instagram?) and saying yes more.


In the past two months I've been on two podcasts and been interviewed by Skype and by email. If you're interested in hearing my take on some different topics, including many personal tidbits, here are the links:

Guest on the Paperclipping Roundtable
In PRT236 we answered listener questions, covering quite the range of topics. Fellow guests included Peppermint Granberg Jones and Kelly Sill.

Guest on the Digi Scrap Geek podcast
Our conversation in DSG15 focused on choosing projects and seeing them through. I enjoyed joining this group for the first time.

Interview with Melissa Shanhun
My conversation with Melissa tackles the common problem of unfinished projects. We don't hold back here, revealing personal wins and fails.

Interview with Jamie Leija
Curious about me? I answer Jamie's questions for her new creative business owner series. I had so much fun telling this part of my story.