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2014 Start Fresh Event


Would you like to begin the new year with lightness, clarity, and energy?
Would you love to accomplish your 2014 scrapbooking goals with ease?
Introducing a new event from Simple Scrapper: Start Fresh. This five-day scrapbooking cleanse will help you release the excess, create a meaningful plan, and launch into a joyful year of memory keeping.
Why a cleanse? | So much of getting your memories scrapbooked has nothing to do with photos, words, or products. It has to do with what exists in your head and heart. This cleansing experience will help you let go of guilt and begin 2014 with a clean slate.

How it Works

Start Fresh will help you see rapid results in three areas of your memory keeping: physical (and mental) stuff, activity planning, and motivation to start. You’ll do some decluttering, reflective writing, strategizing, and of course, scrapbooking. The assignments and workbook exercises form a rock-solid foundation for an accomplished year.
What’s Included with Start Fresh
If you join us January 8-12, 2014, you can look forward to:

  • Three cleansing Start Fresh assignments
  • Two optional, detoxifying creative activities
  • Five invigorating video messages from Jennifer
  • An exclusive, printable PDF workbook
  • A supportive, private event Facebook group
  • Bonus: Jennifer’s favorite green smoothie recipe*

What to Expect

With a gentle pace and two weekend days on the itinerary, the event will feel like a retreat yet provide the results of a workshop. At the conclusion of Start Fresh, you will feel:

  • Uplifted and unburdened by the past.
  • Focused and prepared for the journey ahead.
  • Energized and eager to create more.
Start Fresh will leave you feeling confident that you can stay excited all year long and accomplish your goals.
About the Instructor | Jennifer Wilson is a scrapbooking educator dedicated to helping women create space in their lives for scrapbooking and focus on what matters most. She is founder of the Simple Scrapper website and editor of the Everyday Storyteller idea book series. Jennifer has co-taught with Stacy Julian at Big Picture Classes, guest posted for Ali Edwards, and has appeared several times on the Paperclipping Roundtable and Digi Show podcasts.
* Start Fresh plays on the idea of a health cleanse, but is 100% focused on scrapbooking. My favorite green smoothie recipe is just a fun bonus.
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