You get it. You know your story is worth telling, but it’s not always easy to get yourself into your scrapbook albums.

So you often stay behind the lens, documenting the people you love and the things they do.

If you want to scrapbook more about yourself, then I’d love if you would join me for this free webinar.

This will be a content-rich training where you will learn:

  • Hidden benefits of all about me scrapbooking (yes, weight loss!)
  • Easy ways to get more photos of you – and the secret to liking them
  • My favorite, stress-free methods for documenting more personal thoughts
  • Simple approaches – with examples – for capturing what makes you YOU
  • How to document multiple decades (or more) in one album

Plus, you’ll want to stay until the end when I’ll share a few additional Before Your Story sneak peeks as well as a special bonus.

Sign Up for the Rebroadcast

For your convenience, I’m offering a rebroadcast of Wednesday’s webinar at two times. Note: This is a recording and you will be unable to submit questions live. Click the link to register for your selected time.