What sounds more fun?

Feeling guilty about all the projects you started and never finished.

– OR –

Feeling awesome that you confidently and consistently finish each scrapbooking project that you start.

Like you, I have been too ambitious in my plans and too easily distracted by the lure of something new. Unfinished projects are a universal truth of creative hobbies. But here’s the rub: We feel the weight of things left undone – and that can be a major bummer.

I was tired of letting the stress of unfinished projects get in the way of enjoying my hobby, so I stopped feeling guilty and started being a scrapbooker who actually finishes more of what she starts.

You can be a finisher too!

The Finishing Project will help you immediately tackle your project backlog, experience the pride of finishing, and develop skills to keep making progress. The next live session begins October 7.

“The Finishing Project is a great tool to help with breaking those unfinished projects into clear and manageable steps. Jennifer is a great mentor to help make the choices and decisions of what to finish and what to leave.”

Beth B.

“If you feel overwhelmed by all the online classes you have purchased (and not finished) and you think that buying another online class cannot be the answer, well it is. Jennifer provides practical advance to get you focused and finishing.”

Rosa R.

“The Finishing Project showed me that I need to break large projects into smaller mini projects and set aside time for each. My most valuable takeaway was sharing my plan with the group.”

Monica M.

“The Finishing Project provided me with permissions to ‘swerve’ and ‘pivot’, whereas left to trying to complete my project without this class, my recovering perfectionist self would’ve become mired in the muck and procrastinated until everything passed muster or was perfect.”

Natalie S.

“Having a plan in place really does help. In 20+ years of scrapping I’ve never approached scrapping in a project-based framework. The Finishing Project emphasized the importance of being realistic about my time constraints—for me, doing a 100 page project in 4 weeks was 100% not attainable while homeschooling and working 60 hr weeks.”

Breon R.

“I was at a point in my project where I was stalled and overwhelmed. The Finishing Project offered me permission to reassess and change course. I didn’t expect that. I seriously thought it would be about how to plow through the tough times.”

Carol Anne W.

“Often as scrappers we craft in isolation and put funny limitations or ‘rules’ on ourselves about what is considered ‘the right way’ or ‘the best way’ to scrapbook and what constitutes a completed project. When what we really need is a community of crafters to encourage, spur us on, and challenge those so-called ‘rules’ so that we can reach our scrappy goals. The Finishing Project provides the framework, tools, and community to do just that.”

Jenny A.

Instead of starting something new, start finishing!

Live Session: October 7, 2021 – November 3, 2021

The Finishing Project offers expert guidance and an inspiring community to swiftly move you forward on any memory keeping or scrapbooking project. Since 2015 more than 1,000 students have completed this 4-week online experience. 

The classroom includes full-color handouts with project examples and ideas, printable worksheets you can use again and again, twice-weekly instructor audio messages, and two office hours sessions.

The Finishing Project is available exclusively with a membership.

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Membership is risk-free. You have seven days to change your mind and can cancel at any time with no penalty. If you complete our Member Orientation class and decide it’s not a good fit, we’re happy to provide a full refund. Our annual plan is the best value, but you can start with month-to-month and request to switch when you’re ready.

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