Want more time to scrapbook?

Me too! It’s hard to carve out time to create when life is full, but I developed a simple formula that makes it easier to have fun and feel caught up.

Hi, I’m Jennifer Wilson!

I live in central Illinois with my husband Steve and 8-year-old daughter Emily, where I’m a Girl Scout leader and PTA vice president. I also your guide at Simple Scrapper, an online community of traditional and digital crafters, and host of the Scrapbook Your Way podcast! Life keeps me on my toes, but I’m proud of what I’ve added to family’s albums and the work I’ve done to help thousands of scrapbookers and memory keepers do the same.

Simple Scrapper has been around for more than a decade!

If you’ve never heard about our community before, I wanted to share some of what our members have to say:

I loved scrapbooking, but I always felt something was missing. This year I am doing it my way and that joy is greater than it has ever been.

Patty P.

I just wanted to send an email to thank you and also let you know how much I appreciate everything you do for your members. This last couple of months since becoming a member I have been more productive than I have in the last few years creatively.”

Catherine C.

When I first started following you, I had almost stopped scrapbooking. I just couldn’t give myself permission to take the time and I felt too overwhelmed by how many pictures I wanted to scrapbook. I’m happy to say you have helped me see it is an important priority that I have a right to make time for. I just finished an album for my daughter of her childhood pictures!

Marilyn A.

“Thank you so much for getting me to think out of the box. On some levels I’m feeling relieved and at peace. I’m really looking forward to the new year and all that I’ll be able to accomplish.”

Liz F.

Thank you for helping me find my energy and enthusiasm and perspective once again! I love your classes and they seem to get better and more focused with each time.”

Amy H.

My Gift to You

The Happy, Productive Scrapbooker Formula will help you find time to create, finish your creative projects, and finally feel (a bit more) relaxed. 

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