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This Year's Planning Party has Ended

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Get Ready for 2023

The 2023 Planning Party is a Simple Scrapper annual tradition. This year’s event takes place November 13-17, 2022. You can expect a live training series and guided planning workbook to help you plan for a happy and productive year of scrapbooking. And best of all, it’s completely free!

I’m a lister, a planner, and an optimist memory keeper who’s passionate about productivity and documenting *all* of the stories and photos. I love fresh starts and having a ‘big picture’ look at everything I need to do *and* also those things I want to do over the next week, month, and year.

That being said, I’ve become a much more effective and accurate planner by attending Simple Scrapper’s Planning Party the past two Novembers. I become easily excited by and enticed by all of the new classes and trends, but now learn to first consult my Planning Party tools so that I can realistically discern whether or not I will have the time, energy, and desire to take on a certain project at the suggested time of year, or whether I’ve already got enough on my plate. This has saved me so much frustration and disappointment by not over committing!

The Simple Scrapper community engagement in the Planning Party is encouraging and supportive; the time spent sifting and selecting potential projects has been priceless.

With Simple Scrapper, I’ve learned to let go of the ‘shoulds’, fall in love with the process, build robust documentation and capturing habits, honour my weekly play time, and celebrate my creative wins throughout the entire year. I have less FOMO and more JOMO.

Natalie S.

The planning party has helped me shape my year. By taking the time to look at what I have going on each month of the upcoming year (ie graduations and vacations) and taking the time to think about my energy level changes throughout the year, I have done a better job at creating a reasonable set of goals.

I love talking through my ideas with others and learning about what others are doing. My favorite part is making sure I save space because something will come up that I want to try. I really like our two month journeys. It is a good time frame for breaking down goals and long term projects.

Monica M.

Before I started attending the Simple Scrapper planning parties, I left most of my next year’s planning until the very end of the year.

I love the invitation to focus on planning in early November, before the holiday craziness sets in! Planning projects and classes I want to do in advance also helps me create a better wish list to share with my family.

In addition, I find that the questions and worksheets help me to set realistic, achievable goals for my memory keeping.

Melissa B.

Why You Should Attend

The Simple Scrapper Planning Party helps paper, digital, and hybrid scrapbookers set achievable goals and start planning for a creative, satisfying year!

Here’s what you should know:



One of the best parts of the Planning Party is the opportunity to learn something new about yourself and your hobby. Our participants are often surprised by where our activities lead them!



We host the Planning Party as an annual re-launch event for our membership community. You’ll be the first to hear the full details of our 2023 plans and our promotional offer to join us.



The Planning Party is just the beginning. We’ll help you lay the groundwork with simple activities and then you can keep thinking and working on your plan through the end of the year!

RSVP for the 2023 Planning Party

You can expect nothing less than a welcoming, transformative experience. We start November 13.