Free Creative Roadmap for Stress-Free Scrapbooking

With so many photos and so little time, it’s easy to feel stressed out by memory keeping. I created a guide to help you make better use of your creative “me” time and trade overwhelm for genuine ease, one season at a time.

You can have more fun and get more done with the Creative Roadmap, your FREE customizable guide to a purposeful and productive hobby.

“The Creative Roadmap will keep me on the “road” I have chosen for this season. Thank you so much for such a wonderful tool. It’s going to help me with my creative business along with my own creativity.”

Veronica K.

The Spring Roadmap

Spring is for seeking fresh ideas and exploring what might be possible. The Creative Roadmap offers ten optional waypoints to craft your scrapbooking plan through May. This season of life is yours to create!

“The Creative Roadmap is a simple reminder of all the parts that make up my creative practice. There’s plenty of space for me to add my own words, yet at just three simple pages I can keep this tool right in my planner.”

Cate B.

My name is Jennifer Wilson and I’m your guide at Simple Scrapper.

I’m wife to a busy hydrologist, mom to a first grader, and a passionate creative business owner. Wearing so many hats is certainly a juggle, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I started Simple Scrapper in 2008 as a way to explore my own journey in scrapbooking, because I knew there had to be a way for this creative hobby to fill me up and fit my life.

I made the Creative Roadmap for you. Watch the video below to learn how it works.