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Three Simple Steps to Reignite Your Motivation and Scrapbook More Consistently

In this workshop you’ll learn…


How you're blocking your own path

It can be a surprise to find out you might be getting in your own way. You’ll learn the common challenges scrapbookers create for themselves and how to work around them once and for all.


A proven system to corral your ideas

Guess what? The plans inside your head are more at-risk than the photos and supplies you’re organizing. You’ll learn the exact system our members use to manage their best ideas and stay on track.


The most common missing piece

A happy and productive hobby is like a puzzle. You need all the pieces to see the big picture and  finish your project. You’ll learn the most common piece that scrapbookers are missing.

Your Problem is Not Lack of Time

Many scrapbookers feel like they don’t have enough time for themselves or their hobby.

You know what? There is truth to that for most of us; life is full and full of surprises. AND, a majority of scrapbookers also don’t have the correct tools to use their time effectively. That is, you don’t have them yet!

This workshop will give you the tools you need to create more consistently, no matter how much (or how little) time you have for scrapbooking.

P.S. Flexibility for our diverse student body is one of our top priorities. SPARKED includes a 50-minute presentation and companion workbook that can be completed at your own pace, on your own time.

Thanks to the encouragement, guidance, and support of this community, I have scrapped more in the 10 months since I joined Simple Scrapper than in the 10 years before. There’s companionship here for the creative and organizational aspects of memory keeping and for making those memories. There’s no pressure, no sales, no one right way, just a welcoming community of scrappers who cheer each other on.

Kaethe P. | Member since 2022

Thank you for helping me find my energy, enthusiasm. and perspective once again. I love your classes!

Amy H. | Member since 2014

Dear Crafty Friend,

I know what it’s like to love scrapbooking but struggle with consistency.

But, I am a happy and productive scrapbooker today because of the strategies I’m teaching in this workshop.

I lean on these lessons every single week to stay connected to my hobby and moving forward towards my goals. I have a personalized toolbox and a supportive community at my side whenever I need help.

I created this workshop because it’s something I wish existed when I started scrapbooking. I can’t wait to see how it helps you!