Where do you store your scrapbook ideas?

If your best ideas are spread across sticky notes, Pinterest pins, old planners, Instagram saves and beyond, it might feel hard to create and follow through on a plan for your memories.

Your scrapbooking ideas are nowhere when they are everywhere.

One Home for Your Ideas and Plans

Trello is a free tool that’s like an extra brain, storing every precious memory you don’t want to forget. You can use it in a browser or with an app.

The Trello Habit is our class to help you start using Trello to organize scrapbooking ideas and plans.

✔️ Finally get all your page and project ideas in one easy-to-use place, including classes to finish.

✔️ Discover how Trello fits in your unique toolbox of digital and analogy planning tools.

✔️ Build a Creative Hub that guides you through a year of happy, productive scrapbooking.

Before Jennifer’s Trello resources, I was making and remaking lists of projects and story ideas in numerous places and never had a firm grasp on what my true priorities were. I struggled with procrastination because I didn’t know what was next. Now I am using Trello to keep track of ideas, priorities and next steps and my productivity has soared.

Peggy C.

The Trello Habit class helped me work with my Creative Hub in a way I would not have thought of. Trello is a great resource to keep track of just about anything and seeing it in a different perspective created a new spark that brought me back to using it consistently.

Ann J.

The class helped me to discover a way to pull all my scrapbooking plans together in one board. While watching Jennifer’s Trello videos, I had an “aha” moment of how to separate groups of cards within a list, which enabled me to create a board that works better for me than my previous Creative Hub notebook (this surprised me, as I’m much more of a paper planner girl).

Melissa B.

I tried for years to find a way of managing the stories I wanted to tell. Jennifer’s list and story templates finally gave me the structure I needed and it’s been working for more than a year.

Terri T.

“I loved this course!! It helped me to identify how to better personalize and utilize Trello for both my scrapbooking and personal life. It was easy to use the templates and then modify them to fit what I needed. I now use Trello on a regular basis to track my goals, personal items that often used to fall through the cracks and to record my monthly scrapbooking productivity. I highly recommend this class to demystify Trello and see how it might work for you!”

Judi P.

Inside the Classroom

The Trello Habit includes three modules with nine lessons to jumpstart your experience with Trello. You’ll complete the class with a home for your ideas and a prioritized plan for what to create next.

A Community for You

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