Curious about membership?

 Have you been considering a My Simple Scrapper membership, but feel nervous about making the commitment? Let me make this easy. You can try a month in our community for just $10, no strings attached.

Seriously, no catch!


The My Simple Scrapper membership is where scrapbookers gather to receive encouragement, accountability, and helpful resources. The best way to understand what’s included with membership and how it feels to be a part of a creative community is to try a month inside without a subscription.

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Just a heads up, we don’t offer this anywhere else.

With this single payment of $10 you will receive one month of membership access. At the conclusion of your trial, you will be invited to start a recurring subscription ($20/month or $150/year) if you wish to continue as a My Simple Scrapper member. If you decide it’s not a good fit, your membership will automatically end and you will not be charged again.