It’s time to make a plan for your scrapbooking.

As the seasons change, you’re often left with hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of pictures on your phone or camera. We can help you take control and plan what’s next. Here at Simple Scrapper we’re all about figuring out what works best for your memories and your scrapbooking.

With the Scrapbook Your Way workbook you will have more fun and get more done, this season and beyond. You can start anytime.

This workbook is the evolution of years of collected wisdom from the Simple Scrapper community.  I used it as the foundation of my planning for next year.  The review questions were so insightful and thought-provoking. The workbook will definitely help me plan more appropriately for different seasons.”

Terri T.

The Scrapbook Your Way workbook is undated and 100% free for everyone.

If you’d like a professionally-printed copy mailed to you, we ship every two weeks. You can pre-order your print copy below.

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