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While the Planning Party has formally ended, this is just the beginning of your new journey as a Happy & Productive Scrapbooker. Membership offers a continuation of the support and guidance you experienced here.

2023 Planning Workbook

This workbook is the tool you need to plan a happy and productive year of scrapbooking. It will gently stretch you to think differently about your hobby so it’s more fun and fulfilling in 2023! The workbook is best paired with the Plan Your Year sessions on November 13 and November 17.

Event Schedule

DAY 1 NOVEMBER 13, 2022 • 6:30 PM CST

Plan Your Year: Part 1

Let’s get this party started as we guide you through the workbook step-by-step. No matter when you’re starting, start here!

DAY 2 NOVEMBER 14, 2022

Planning vs. Planning

DAY 3 NOVEMBER 15, 2022

The Four C Method

DAY 4 NOVEMBER 16, 2022

The Bridge You Need

DAY 5 NOVEMBER 17, 2022 • 6:30 PM CST

Plan Your Year: Part 2

Finish your workbook at the conclusion of our Plan Your Year training event. You’ll also hear about our own plans for 2023.

DAY 5 NOVEMBER 17, 2022

2023 at Simple Scrapper

Download a printable calendar and an extended summary of what you can expect from Simple Scrapper in the new year!



  1. Jennifer Wilson

    Welcome, friends! I’m so excited to kick off the 6th annual Planning Party. What’s your biggest hope for the event?

    • Christy Burger

      I am hoping to create a new habit around memory keeping and journaling. A weekly habit where I schedule a consistent time for memory keeping/journaling each week, and I don’t allow the busyness of life to interfere with this time.

      • Jennifer Wilson

        Yes! I love this Christy. Even just a little bit of consistent time can have such a snowball effect to the rest of you week!

    • StazyG

      I just finished watching this as I was unable to attend live due to sickness. What a valuable session and I’m feeling very ready for 2023 (at least hobby wise).
      Thank you for hosting these sessions!

  2. Margaret Evers

    With the help of the planning party and using the strategy of “planning with the end in mind”, I hope to be very clear on beginning the new year with three defined projects. By ‘defined project” I mean a project that has a name and that I expect to complete within the 2023 calendar year. I would also like to come away from the planning party with some type of plan/promise to my self of weekly time-in-my-craft room. I’d like to think through what it will take to clear everything from my head long enough each week that I log X number of hours in my craft room each week …… similar to what it feels like to have a job I love. Asking myself: what would scheduling time for my craft look like?

    • Jennifer Wilson

      Oooh, that’s such a powerful question Margaret! I would extend that by also asking how that regular time would make me feel.

  3. Rhonda Hestir

    I’m very excited to engage more with the Simple Scrapper community in 2023! Although I have been a member in 2022, it was a very challenging year for our health and I didn’t get a ton accomplished. BUT, I attended “Finishing Day” right before my knee replacement in April and really jammed! After that, I stayed engaged with the community online, but mostly lurked. But sometimes, if lurking is all you can do, and it keeps ideas and inspiration flowing, it is just fine.
    I love all the different journeys! This setup helps me to focus on THAT THING for a little while. And often THAT THING is something I’ve been avoiding. I’m usually pleasantly surprised and re-energized when making headway on “dreaded” parts of my hobby. So often, I’m delighted to find supplies I forgot I had, but love. During photo management, I make lists of photos I need to print or scan, which I often neglect otherwise. Sometimes, I feel the spark to scrap that photo right then!
    Also, I’m excited for the additional FINISHING DAY events coming next year! And I can’t wait to see the 2023 book club reading list!

    • Jennifer Wilson

      I love that we can nudge you along on those more difficult (but still important) supporting aspects of our hobby.

  4. Sierra Beaton

    I’ve had a fairly whack-a-mole approach to memory keeping the past few years. I’m looking forward to spending dedicated time planning out my crafting and creative life for 2023. I have SO many projects that are 60-70% complete. My priority for next year is to get most of those done rather than start anything new. We move in July 2023 and my goal is to be 100% caught up on past DD projects while also maintaining monthly family updates on my blog. In theory, I have the time to do it. I even feel confident making an actionable plan for how to get it done. My challenge is consistently following my plan by giving my creative life the same weight and respect that other areas of my life command.

    • Jennifer Wilson

      I can tell you’re already on your way Sierra! I know that, for me, having the goal of finishing DD projects was incredibly motivating and satisfying when I did it.

  5. Jan Bailey

    Excellent Materials to guide thru the Planning Workshop. Also helpful comments from the members!

    • Jennifer Wilson

      Thank you Jan! And yes, loved all the great insights. 🥰

  6. Lesley Sanders

    I did my wheel and there are a LOT of zeros…that cant be good??!!! I havent scrapped for myself for a L-O-N-G time, been too busy teaching others how to do it and my depleted wheel feels like a pretty accurate reflection of my state of mind when it comes to my personal scrapbooking. Food for thought!

    • Jennifer Wilson

      One thing I’ve heard mentioned a few times is the question “Are you giving yourself enough credit?” Sometimes we can be our harshest critics. That said, I’m happy you’re working on a shift!

  7. Amelia

    I had high hopes for the membership but have hardly used it all year. I started off strong then lost interest – I think being in Australia didn’t help with crop times not being suitable to my time zone. I know you get what you put in but felt the community was so big and I felt lost. I also prefer Facebook than having to log into another network to connect with people. I cancelled a few months ago and was a bit disappointed customer service never asked why. Anyway just thought I’d give some feedback on my experience with the group.

    • Jennifer Wilson

      Thanks for your comment Amelia.

      Membership isn’t for everyone, but the only way to really know if it works for you is to try. I’m glad that you did. If you’d like to provide further feedback on your cancellation, there is a survey link included in your cancellation confirmation email.

      We do have many long-time and active members from Australia at our events, but lifestyles and schedules don’t always align. All of our crops are member-hosted and we invite any member to add to the schedule with their own perfect time. This creates accountability for the host and provides even more opportunities for members around the world to create together in smaller groups.

      I’ll also add that our new accountability groups are designed to help nurture even more of those community connections as the membership grows.

      I appreciate your candor and will continue looking for ways we can support our global community and make everyone feel cozy within our walls.


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