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Are You Ready to Scrapbook Your Way?

There’s an abundance of creative options for documenting your memories. We help you choose the scrapbooking approach that works best for you. There are three easy ways you can get started today:


Weekly Podcast

This free show celebrates the unique ways to be a memory keeper today.


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This free live event connects you to this month’s theme and our community.


Annual Workbook

This printable tool helps you set creative priorities and finish projects.

This Week's Episode

Your Way is at My Simple Scrapper

My Simple Scrapper is the membership community of Simple Scrapper, the best way to stay connected to your hobby and motivated to create.

We've made time just for you.

The membership at Simple Scrapper offers a bimonthly, member-exclusive magazine to remind you to slow down and take time to recharge.

Here's your starting point.

The membership at Simple Scrapper offers  sketches, digital templates, and story prompts so you always know where to begin.

Meet Jaclyn

Jaclyn Rench is this month’s featured artist. Five of her pages inspired our latest creative challenge for Simple Scrapper members.