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Welcome to the final lesson in our Brown Bag Series, a sequence of lessons on a particular topic posted at noon EST. Today we conclude our discussion on how to confidently achieve your 2014 scrapbook goals. Make sure to check out the other lessons in this series.

Simple Scrapper's Brown Bag Series | How to Make Better Decisions + Free Tools

An achieved goal is the result of many decisions, with the most important being the decision to start. As scrapbookers it’s easy to jump the gun, to commit to starting and then not actually get started. Or perhaps, get started but forget the twenty million other things that would be coming up soon.

I’ve totally done that!

The projects I’ve completed this year are the result of making good decisions about my interest and ability to complete them. The flip side of this is that sometimes the best decision is to not start now – or at all. I can certainly say that about some of my projects.

Use Logic to Make Better Decisions

When you consider taking on something new in scrapbooking, whether it’s a project, a new approach, or something else, using a logical thought process can help you predict and prepare for success. At the core, this simply means thinking through how you will think, feel, and act through this activity, from start to finish.

When you turn to logic to support your planning, you are more likely to see these results:

  • Finishing more of the projects that you start
  • Feeling more motivated and excited all year long
  • Being more caught up overall in memory keeping

While I do believe in following your heart, I more strongly believe in using your intuition (head + heart) to guide you. You know yourself better than anyone else, which means that you already have the skills to make better decisions. However, it does help to get what’s in your head on paper.

I’ve got something that can help! Click here to download a free project brainstorming worksheet and tool to help you make better decisions in 2014 about what you actually take on.

Let’s Talk

You can pave the way for staying motivated in 2014 and achieving your goals by better understanding the decisions you made in the recent past. Think about both what you finished and what is incomplete. What might you do do more or less of?

So tell me, what’s the best scrapbooking decision you made in 2013? Note: I’ve closed comments on this post, in lieu of fostering a more dynamic conversation on Facebook. Click here to join in.

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