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Simple Scrapper's Brown Bag Series | Never Lose Your Mojo Again

Getting started is often the hardest part. You have so many ideas, maybe even plans to coordinate. But that simple action of walking to your scrap table or opening Photoshop often requires an epic feat. It’s much easier to keep scrolling your mouse on Pinterest.

What if getting started was easy?

What if you rarely felt any resistance or overwhelm? What if you often felt clarity, lightness, and energy about the hobby you love?

I know you might be skeptical, because getting started can be hard for me too. Sometimes I’ll do anything, even cleaning, to avoid getting started on something I enjoy and know I want to do. (And it’s sounds so silly when you write it down!)

A year ago Debra W. would often get discouraged in her scrapbooking and even wanted to bow out of paid-for crops because she couldn’t seem get it together. Today she feels prepared, rarely gets distracted, and uses her time wisely. Debra has accomplished more in the past year than she ever has before.

The Secrets of Staying Motivated

It’s possible, it really is! You too can stay motivated all year long so that getting started is easy and getting finished is possible.

Here are some of the techniques I use often to overcome resistance and keep my enthusiasm for scrapbooking high:

Focus – While there are many attributes of focus, true focus really just means thinking about and doing just one thing at a time. In my scrapbooking and in my life, I stay motivated by narrowing my focus as much as possible. What this results in, among other benefits, is fewer options for avoiding what I’m supposed to be doing.

Positivity – Negative self talk feeds the mojo-stealing monster. When you focus on “I can” and “I want to”, you invite in the excitement you need to get going anytime you want. You may also want to identify and then avoid experiences that bring you down and keep you stuck. Remind yourself often than you can do anything.

Fuel – Being focused doesn’t mean keeping blinders on all the time. Solo and group experiences are essential to refilling your mojo tank, helping you to connect with new ideas and to others. When you’re intentional about the fuel you intake, you’ll gain the confidence that motivation is never truly lost.

Gentleness – There will be times when things just aren’t going well, when everything feels hazy and anything but scrapbooking sounds more fun. Lean in to those times and be gentle with yourself. Don’t dwell in the misstep; make a course correction and move on. The grace you give yourself keeps you open to new inspirations and more action.

Action – Above anything else, pushing past the resistance and doing something contributes most to motivation. Debra W. shared that she was able to “mark projects off one by one spurred on by the resulting sense of accomplishment.” There is a snowball effect of action and as it grows, getting started truly becomes easier.

Let’s Talk

You can pave the way for staying motivated in 2014 and achieving your goals by celebrating what fuels you and moves you to action. Think about times when you’ve felt motivated; what got you there?

So tell me, what actions or experiences inspire you to get up and scrapbook? Note: I’ve closed comments on this post, in lieu of fostering a more dynamic conversation on Facebook. Click here to join in.

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