Simple is not a style; it’s a feeling.

Does your scrapbooking feel joyful and easy? Are you using the products you purchase and finishing the projects you start? It’s all possible when you embrace simple.

We are on a mission to help memory keepers find a better way in this hobby with thoughtful conversations and gentle accountability. It’s time to start creating consistently and reap the benefits of creative self-care.

The best magic happens inside of our membership, but let’s get acquainted first.


Hi, I’m Jennifer Wilson!

I created Simple Scrapper in 2008 as a blog to document my own journey in memory keeping. I had just moved to a small-ish college town in Illinois to get married and join a blended family. I was interested in sharing my experiences and exploring this new, more social online world. At the time I thought digital scrapbooking was way of the future, but it turns out it is just one of the ways we can keep this hobby simple.

By the end of my first year, in which I blogged daily, Simple Scrapper was a business. In 2010 I taught my first class, Light Your Fire, and then in 2011 launched the first iteration of our membership. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was building a community around finding ease, breaking rules, and supporting one another in this incredible hobby.

The years have seen classes, events, e-books, print books, and more workbooks that I can count. Much of our history can be found archived inside of the membership. Then in 2019 I launched the Scrapbook Your Way podcast, which has seen more than three-quarters of a million downloads to date! It’s the easiest and hardest thing this introvert has ever done.

Simple Scrapper has seen many iterations over the years, but that’s part of the design. We’re always asking questions and listening closely. Then each November we announce changes to keep the content and experience fresh for our community. My mission is to help scrapbookers stay connected to stories, creativity, and each other by offering a welcoming online home to learn and grow together. I’d love for you to be a part of it.

Some of my faves

One of my first scrapbook pages in 2008.


I could eat Tex-Mex every day.


I have 2 cats, Ron and Hermione.


I was a digital scrapbooker before a paper scrapbooker.


I don't really like candy.


I have degrees in Geology and Soil & Water Science.


I drink cold brew with cashew milk and hazenut creamer.


The SPARKED workshop is the best way to start embracing simple and create more consistently.