Non-Fiction Book Club

The Simple Scrapper Book Cub connects non-fiction wisdom to scrapbooking.

Here’s what you should know:



Because the chosen books are non-fiction, there are no spoilers. That means you are welcomed to join whether you read the book or not.



What can we take away from this book that would add more joy or ease to our memory keeping experience?



Discussion questions are available to all, but Book Club meetings take place inside of our Simple Scrapper membership community.

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Take Back Your Time by Christy Wright

Redefine life balance to reduce overwhelm, feel happier, and be more fulfilled.

Next Discussion: September 29, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. CDT

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2022 Book Club Selections

Jan/Feb 2022

Turn overthinking into a superpower to be more creative and reach your goals.

by Jon Acuff

Mar/Apr 2022

Apply French culinary wisdom to find focus, stay organized, and get things done.

by Dan Charnas

May/Jun 2022

Learn how to tackle life’s tougher stories with humor, tenderness, and connection.

by Kelly Corrigan

Jul/Aug 2022

Discover how to cultivate a sense of comfort and connection no matter where you are.

by Melody Warnick

Sep/Oct 2022

Redefine life balance to reduce overwhelm, feel happier, and be more fulfilled.

by Christy Wright

Nov/Dec 2022

Embrace imperfection and doing less to truly thrive at home and at work.

by Tiffany Dufu

2021 Book Club Selections

January 2021

Build a stronger foundation for your year with this simple, transformative framework.

by James Clear

March 2021

Learn how to finally get your life organized in an approachable, perfection-free way.

by Kendra Adachi

May 2021

Practice vulnerability and storytelling with beneath-the-surface prompts in this memoir.

by Laura Tremaine

July 2021

Celebrate the deep connections between food and our life’s journey in this memoir.

by Ruth Reichl

September 2021

Start making better and more timely decisions with this readable, science-backed guide.

by Chip Heath and Dan Heath

November 2021

Bring hefty doses of joy and gratitude into your life with the founder of the Happy Planner.

by Stephanie Fleming

2020 Book Club Selections

January 2020

Strengthen your goal-setting skills with this colorfully illustrated yet practical guide.

by Elise Blaha Cripe

February 2020

Build a habit of focus with psychology-based approaches and innovative strategies.

by Nir Eyal

March 2020

Tackle your home’s clutter, inside and out, with clever tricks, humor, and realism.

by Dana K. White

April 2020

Discover how to wake up to the world around you and renew your creative spark.

by Rob Walker

May 2020

Dig into the science of memory as you learn how to be more present in everyday life.

by Meik Wiking

June 2020

Journey through the stuff of the past and the emotions of the present in this memoir.

by Plum Johnson

July 2020

Make a plan to reimagine and realign your technology habits with your goals and values.

by Cal Newport

August 2020

Master the art of finishing projects with actionable insights and a clear path forward.

by Charlie Gilkey

September 2020

Learn how to escape analysis paralysis and make decisions with positivity and purpose.

by Anne Bogel

October 2020

Develop and embrace your unique creative perspective with genuine confidence.

by Lisa Congdon

November 2020

Learn how to take smarter, more effective action amidst the ups and downs of life.

by Daniel H. Pink

December 2020

Discover simple, soul-filling strategies to live with deeper authenticity and purpose.

by Melissa Camara Wilkins

2019 Book Club Selections

January 2019

by James Clear

February 2019

by Laura Vanderkam

August 2019

by Benjamin Spall and Michael Xander

September 2019

by Courtney Carver

October 2019

by Anna Newton

November 2019

edited by Joe Fassler

December 2019

by Brooke McAlary

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