Welcome Exactly Enough Time listeners! Every November I host a free Planning Party to help scrapbookers get ready for the new year. Though you missed this year’s session, I’ve put together a DIY version so you can get a taste of the experience.

Simple Scrapper will keep you moving forward.

Since 2008, we have supported thousands of scrapbookers and memory keepers on their own unique journeys to cultivate a hobby that is fun and fulfilling. We’ve got four steps to help you prepare for year that is happy and productive:

Step #1: Download the Workbook

The Your Year, Your Way Workbook is the core of our annual process. It includes step-by-step instructions to help you find focus, finesse your process, and finish your projects. For the most informed experience, I suggest printing the PDF, watching the workshop in Step #3, and then completed your workbook.

Step #2: Watch the Workshop

Watch the Your Year, Your Way webinar to go a bit deeper on the Happy & Productive Scrapbooker formula, learn about a new tool, and get a peek at what you’ll experience in our membership community next year. 

Step #3: Download the Dashboard

No matter where 2021 takes you, the Scrapbook Your Way Creative Dashboard will ensure you reach your destination and enjoy it along the way.

Step #4: Optional Video

This video outlines my personal planning process. Even though your system might look much different than mine, it’s helpful to have an effective suite of tools to implement the ideas you will generate during the Planning Party.