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If you’re familiar with paper scrapbooking, you know that 12″x12″ layouts are very common. While it is very possible to be an 8″x8″, 8.5″x11″ or even 6″x6″ scrapper, these sizes are less common. Unfortunately, that likely means your awesome home photo printer might have a tough time printing the layout you spent so-much-time on! Like with any photos, there are a variety of options for printing 12″x12″ digital scrapbook pages. Here are some of Simple Scrapper’s tips for getting started:

Buy a specialty photo printer
Not all photo printers are created alike. Fortunately for scrapbooking enthusiasts, manufacturers are catching on. Epson and HP have products that can accomodate 12″x12″ paper and print all the way to the edge. One downside though, is the high cost of ink and archival paper.

Visit your local CostCo
While FedEx/Kinko’s can do a 12″x12″ print, digiscrappers recommend the excellent prices and great customer service at CostCo. CostCo prints on 12″x18″ large format paper for just $2.99 – so you can squeeze in a few 4″x6″ photos to the order!

Order online
Since you have the layout already computerized, its often easiest to upload to a printing service and wait a few days for it to be delivered via snail mail. There are many services that can and/or specialize in printing 12″x12″ scrapbook pages. Look for reviews of each of these printers (and others) in future Simple Scrapper posts (prices are for one 12″x12″ matte print):

Do you have any 12″x12″ printing stories to share? Simple Scrapper wants to know how you get your layouts from the laptop to real-life!

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