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When I first started playing tennis, I was told to always say “nice try” if my opponent missed the ball or “nice shot” if she whacked it well. And no matter what, at the end you said “good game”. At first, I thought my instructor was kidding. It seemed patronizing – though I didn’t know to use that word at the time. But I quickly realized that courtesy went a long way towards making friends and enjoying the sport.

Good, common sense etiquette is also super important in the digital scrapbooking world. We’re all creative people in some way – so its about showing admiration and appreciation for the art. Share and share alike, ya know?

Here are some basic tips to keep you in good graces:

  • Always say thank you for a freebie
  • Always give credit to the designer
  • If someone praises one of your layouts, return the favor
  • For every comment on your blog, visit their site and comment in return
  • Link to your favorite layouts, shops and designers in the forums (where allowed, of course!)

These are not rocket science concepts – just remember what your mama taught you about being kind and generous. It will go a long way!

P.S. Digiscrappers can sometimes be the opposite of clique-ish. You might even get RAK’d – that’s where someone offers a random act of kindness, often in terms of a freebie or a discount!

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