1. Less mess – No need to save you scraps or have a whole room. You can scrap from the couch!

2. Shopping in your underwear – Not only can you do digi just about anywhere, but you don’t need any gas to visit your local digi shop.

3. Perfect for perfectionists – Nudge, blend, crop, rotate, scale….and most importantly, undo!

4. Save money – With the cost of paper scrapping going through the roof and the economy in a downturn, digi is friendly to the wallet.

5. A creative outlet – For digi-lovers, our craft is the perfect escape.

6. Art for everyone – With templates, quick pages and a zillion layouts for inspiration, even the design-challenged can create beautiful art.

7. Coupon codes – RAKs, challenges, prizes, sales, 1 kit calls… if you’re active and patient, you’ll likely never pay full price for a kit.

8. YOU – Without loyal scrappers, shoppers, and blog readers, we’d have no reason to all be here together. YOU keep this craft going!

9. Community – Whether you need an idea, help or to be enabled, the digi world is always there for you.

10. Memory-keeping – Get those photos off your hard drive and preserved in a timeless and truly unique way.

11. Story telling – Journaling allows us to boost the photo’s story with our own words.

12. Challenges – Stay on you toes and earn points at the same time!

13. Speed scraps – Sometimes you just want to be told what to do and still end up with a wonderful result.

14. Remembering paper – Hybrid scrapping helps us combine our love for digi with the need to use paper, scissors and glue.

15. Validation – Remember that first email accepting you to a CT? Joining a creative time offers a sense of belonging and reassurance that YOU have talent.

16. Praise games – Even if you’re just learning, playing the praise game can help you find out what you do well.

17. Actions for Photoshop – Without the artistic nature of digiscrap layouts, who else would play with the super-fun, color-popping actions?

18. Tutorials – From design to software and from photography to printing, the Web is chock full of a tutorial for just about anything you’d like to do with digi.

19. Customer service – This industry is run by real people just like you and me… and they treat you like it!

20. Prints by post – Digi can truly be a home-based operation if you order your pages online.

21. Scraplifting – It’s allowed… yay!

22. Experimentation – With a HUGE variety of design styles, you can test the waters with different artistic approaches.

23. Great excuse for a better/faster computer – You know you’ve “needed” an upgrade, but now your truly NEED one.

24. Photoshop – Not only can we create beautiful pages, but we can make our friends, family and ourselves just as beautiful.

25. Freebies – It’s freebie week here at Simple Scrapper. 3 templates, 2 quick pages, 5 days. All for YOU! Stick around.

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  1. Heather

    Thanks so much for your website! I’ve enjoyed reading it.
    Digital scrapbooking is wonderful and I agree with all of your reasons!
    And thanks so much for the template!

  2. gabs

    LOL – I totally agree!

  3. Andrea

    great list!!!

    Andrea’s last blog post..28 Weeks

  4. Martha

    I totally agree with your list! There’s NO WAY I’d have done any scrapping at all if I hadn’t found digi! I also love being able to do hybrid work! Fun for both worlds:) Great freebie!

    Martha’s last blog post..Sugar N Spice

  5. jessie

    deffintly agree for all of those reasons!

  6. kori

    I also agree with all those reasons. Thanks for the freebie! 🙂

  7. Laser

    I have a problem with this template. Where it says journaling here the link is not a text link so am unable to change the wording. Hope you can help me with this.

  8. Amber

    Thanks for the fab template!



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