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Learning about digital scrapbooking is an evolutionary process. You’re always picking something up. Sometimes, however, you really want to learn HOW and words just don’t cut it. In these moments, you truly need someone to SHOW you. While there are countless written tutorials, a hands-on approach is much more difficult to find. This post will point you to the best sources for video tutorials geared specifically towards digital scrapbooking.

This friendly community hosts a whopping 71 video tutorials, all for FREE. From simple “getting started” tips to specific Photoshop tricks, these member-created videos are helpful and user-friendly.  While you’re there, sign up and get involved in the Forum!

DigiScrap channel on YouTube
Digital scrapbooking goes mainstream with its own YouTube channel. With 103 videos already uploaded, this free resource is a great example of community-generated content. You’ll find a huge variety of tips, from layout, design, and photo editing to blogging basics for digiscappers.

Digital Scrapbooking TV
A brainchild of designer Jen Caputo, this fabulous podcast only has 7 (totally fabulous) episodes under its belt. I’ve learned some amazingly simple and super-user tricks in just a short amount of time.  If you’d like to see more episodes straight from the heart of our community, email feedback at digitalscrapbookingtv dot com. For now, you can download the existing episodes from the DSTV site or through iTunes.

Jessica Sprague
Offering both self-paced and instructor-led courses on an a la carte basis, this superbly designed site will make you feel part of the “in crowd”.  Your hostess and her crew teach on a variety of subjects, include organizing your digi supplies and effective use of fonts.

Hummie’s World
For just $5.50 a month, you can have an all-access pass to an enormous library of tutorials (mostly using PSE), all geared for digiscrappers. You can even check out Hummie’s teaching ability in the written versions for FREE and you might even find a bonus video or two! Hummie’s World is truly a trusted source of information and Hummie herself is always willing to lend a helping hand.

For $15 a month, you gain access to 137 tutorials geared towards using Photoshop and Photoshop Elements for digiscrapping. The content appears to be comparable to traditional PS/PSE tutorials (emphasis on photo editing vs. layout creation) with a digi-spin. The site also offers several free tutorials to get you started.

While there are other tutorials available, both free and for a fee, Simple Scrapper has selected these options as representing the best value for the money. Is your trusted source of tutorials listed here?

To close out freebie week, please enjoy Template Sarah by StarXLR8 Designs.

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  1. niki

    great links!! thanks!!!

  2. Juliana

    Thanks for visiting my website today! I sent you an e-mail to answer your question.

    I think you’ve made a really great list of tutorial sites! The emphasis on video makes this list wonderful – it’s easier to learn by watching!

    I have purchased a video and know people who have subscriptions to Scrappers’ Guide: http://www.scrappersguide.com/index.html . The owner, Linda Sattgast, is very knowledgeable, and has a great teaching style.

    Juliana’s last blog post..The Grocery Game (and Teri’s new book)

  3. lindsay

    Thank you for the template!

  4. candyK

    I just want to mention the program specific video lessons available at ScrapGirls.com. PSE, PS and PaintShop are all available with beginning and more advanced versions. Screen shots are detailed and explained as you watch the videos.


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