9 things you need to know about blogging

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This Simple Scrapper post is all about me. And by me, I mean you, the average digital scrapbooking enthusiast who also visits blogs. (What is a blog?)

The bloggy world is a whole lot bigger than digi-land. Since many scrappers come from the paper kingdom rather than geekdom, this post is designed to provide a few tips for digiscrapping bloggers on how to capture the attention of the average blog reader.

1. Be original – What makes you tick? What is special and unique about you? Your blog is the perfect platform to showcase your true self.

2. Tell me something about yourself – If it’s YOUR blog, share YOUR stories. The blogs I read toss in a huge measure of personal life with their CT promotional duties.

3. Get me to look for more – Make sure you have categories or tags in your sidebar so that I can read more of your posts. Even better, include a list of most popular posts.

4. Give me incentive to come back – Tease me with a future freebie or giveaway. Cut off a story in the middle. Make me remember you tomorrow.

5. I don’t care what your URL is – It’s not really THAT important to have your own domain to have a fantastic blog. I don’t care if you’re a Blogger or a Typepadder, as long as…

6. Your blog’s design is attractive – Take a look at blogs that appeal to you. What do they have in common? I bet one element is a fresh, clean design. You can incorporate a lot of digi elements while still keeping your blog clutter-free.

7. Help me find your feed – There is nothing more frustrating that wanting to subscribe to a blog, but the RSS feed is MIA. Place a link prominently and sign up for Feedburner to make sure you get an accurate count of subscribers.

8. I will not click on your AdSense ads – In relatively small niches like digiscrapping, AdSense is not going to net you big bucks. Focus on your content, then work to develop direct relationships with potential advertisers.

9. I am here to help – Your current readers like you and will give you feedback. Just ask what you can do better and use the comments to make your blog even better!

For further reading on blogging, Simple Scrapper highly recommends:

As readers, what advice do you have for other digiscrapping bloggers?

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  1. Tammy

    Wonderful tips. Thanks

    Tammy’s last blog post..Puzzle Mania

  2. ValeriGail

    Great tips! I’m new to blogging so this was a good read for me, thanks so very much!

    ValeriGail’s last blog post..Miracles #2 and #3

  3. Christine (supertwinkle)

    I think your analysis is right on! The blogs I read tend to have a lot of “personality” of the blogger shining through. If they only talk about their digi-scrapping or CT stuff, I probably won’t be going there everyday. The appeal of the blog must be the person behind the blog. So I heartily agree!

    Christine (supertwinkle)’s last blog post..Snowcapped Mountains

  4. Eve

    Good tips!! I like to have a little of everything on my blog…..

    Eve’s last blog post..Is it the weekend yet??

  5. Jenn White

    Great post! You are right on – we work hard to make our blog a mix of our lives, our photo and scrap passions, and some really useful information. We reward our readers with freebies, promote our site news, and basically have fun!
    The blogs we read do the same thing – make us feel part of the family. While we don’t need to hear about every trip to the grocery store, we want to feel like we could hang out at your house on a Friday night. We want to learn something we didn’t know when we visit your blog. We want a goodie now and again, and to know that you will post regularly.
    Thanks for the hard work, love your blog!

  6. Amber

    Good tips! Thanks for the template, too!


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