When I first started scrapping, I realized there was a semi-secret language exclusive to this growing community. While it didn’t take very long to figure it out, I would have loved to have a primer to the vocabulary.

Alpha – alphabet files, often as individual letters, to use on layouts for titles

Challenge – a set of instructions to complete a layout or other action in a certain way, often hosted by shops and offers incentives such as discounts or gift cards for accumulated points

CT – creative team, members of a designer’s team who receive products for free and create layouts to promote the designer’s work

CU – commercial use, a type of licensing that allows you to use the items for business purposes

Elements – individual files of ribbons, flowers or other non-paper items for use on layouts, aka embellishments

Enabling – to share your favorite products so that others might want to purchase them

LO – a digital, hybrid or paper layout

NSBR – not scrapbooking related

RAK – a freebie given as a random act of kindness, sometimes from a random drawing

Papers – flattened 12×12 files that are digital versions of single sheets of scrapbooking paper

Quick page – a flattened image with a black space for one or more photos to be placed behind, aka plopper

S4H/S4O – means scrap for hire or scrap for others, generally used as a licensing term

Scraplift – to copy the shapes, placement and/or style of a layout, credit to the creator is encouraged

Sketch – a flattened black & white image indicating shape and placement of papers and/or elements, aka sketch template

Template – usually a black & white layered file in which a user can use as a foundation for a layout

TOU – terms of use, a file accompanying a designer’s work that includes the type of license the items have

On top of this list, don’t forget that the popular digi sharing sites and shops also have their own acronyms. You’ll see these used extensively in forums and galleries. Some good examples include DST = DigiShopTalk and TDC = The Digi Chick. Additionally, there is of course an entire lexicon of internet shorthand like LOL (laughing out loud) that is beyond the scope of this post.

Have I left anything digi-relevant out?

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