I am thrilled to announce that Audrey (Aud) Neal of be Audacious Designs at {we are} storytellers has joined Simple Scrapper as a sponsor!


Aud is such a talented artist, spreading her creativity through kits,  handwritten fonts and journaling classes! She is also co-author of a hybrid scrapbooking book: Paper & Pixels. The Digi Dares has an awesome interview with Aud, but here’s 5 super important “must-know” facts about her.

  1. She is right-handed, but shoots pool left-handed, because that’s how her dad (a leftie) taught her.
  2. She won’t buy a pair of shoes if they are so narrow in the toe area that she can’t cross my big toe over the toe next to it while wearing them.
  3. She likes to mix peanut butter and jelly together in a bowl before putting it on her bread.
  4. She’s been known to change the toilet paper in people’s houses if the paper doesn’t come over the top…shhhh. Don’t tell.
  5. She cannot sleep without at least a sheet over her. Even if it 100 degrees in the house, she has to have some type of blanket or sheet on me while she sleeps. Aud blames Riki-Tiki-Tavi.

Even more critical is this amazing sale! W.O.R.D. 2009 is a monthly journaling system that provides all the inspiration you need to make storytelling a priority this year. Everyone who purchases this package for the next week will be entered to win ALL of Aud’s new releases for the rest of April. It’s never too late to start telling your story!


Let’s all welcome Aud to Simple Scrapper. Look for a very special tutorial, freebie and contest coming next week!

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