When I first started scrapping, I put together an album based on the past year’s photos. I got myself a lovely post-bound and it was done. However, now that I’m scrapping more based on new purchases, CT requirements and challenge ideas, the chronologicity is pretty much shot. I end up starting with a kit and then find a photo to coordinate with the theme. I have a lot of lovely layouts, but little sense. This made me wonder how best to organize printed digital scrapbook pages.


In this post, I’ll share a couple of methods that might work for you!

  • Chronological in page protectors: If you’re mostly scrapping this year, then an “in date order” method might work great for you. Use page protectors to add flexibility for inserting pages in between.
  • Chronological in photo books: Some prefer to print their layouts in hard-bound books, usually based on a specific time period or even a single event. This offers a permanence that can be desirable.
  • By “when-scrapped”:  This is a chronological method based solely on when you scrapped the page. This is an excellent approach for seeing how your skills evolve over time.
  • Category-style: Instead of worrying solely about “this happened before that”, sort your layouts based on themes. Birthdays, Christmas, Vacations, Daily Life etc. are some good categories that might work. Choose separate albums or add tabbed sections to a single album.
  • Stage-of-life semi-chronological: Construct albums around “School Days” or “College Years” or “Our Courtship”. Don’t worry so much about specific date-by-date order, instead focus on telling the story of that special time.

Are there other methods? How do you organize your layouts once they are in hard copy? I’d love to hear detailed descriptions of your scheme!