New release highlights for April 26, 2009

Jennifer Wilson

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April 26, 2009

After Five Designs: Blue Skies by Kristen Rice
blue skies

The Digi Chick: Cinco de Mayo by Emily Card

Digital Candy: Kisses from Heaven by Armina Designs
kisses from heaven

Elemental Scraps: Buggaboo by Valorie Brown and Juno Designs

Funky Playground Designs: Very Shabby by Corina Nielsen Designs

Gotta Pixel: Chillin’ by Kathryn’s Original Designs

The Lilypad: On the Go by Jenna Desai

Little Dreamer Designs: Bookish Garden by C.D. Muckosky

Scrap Artist: Bookworm by Gina Miller

Scrapbook Graphics: Anticipation Of Summer by MK Designs and Ondesigns

Scrap Orchard: Viva Frida by Fiddlette Designs and SherrieJD

Shabby Pickle Designs: In The Garden by Sabrina Dupre

Sweet Shoppe Designs: Hello Mutha, Hello Fatha by Christy Lyle & Libby Weifenbach
hello mutha, hello fatha

Weeds & Wildflowers: Full of Wonder by Gina Marie Huff
full of wonder

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