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751072_browsing_1I received an “Ask Simple Scrapper” question that I thought would be perfect to put out to my readers! What kind of computer (and accessories) do you need for digital scrapbooking?

There are technical and personal answers to this question. I’m eager to hear what all of you have to say on both fronts. But first, here’s my two cents:

1. Memory, memory, memory – Buy as much RAM as you can afford. This is the part of your computer that makes it run smooth when you’re trying to multitask. Digital scrapbooking often involves using several memory-hogging programs at once.

2. Storage – You’ll need a place to keep high-resolution copies of your photos and layouts, not to mention all those kits! Choose an internal harddrive of at least 100GB and supplement with EHDs as needed.

3. Display – Consider whether you’re comfortable scrapping on a smaller laptop display or need a full-size monitor. For the best of both worlds, invest in a notebook docking station with external display.

For full disclosure, I have a 13″ Macbook with 4GB of RAM (only came with 1GB). Whether PC or Mac, however, these (above) are the biggest considerations I have when purchasing a new machine. What are yours? What would you recommend to someone in the market for a new computer?

*As an aside, I’ll add a #4 recommendation. Do not attempt to simulate the included photo. Simple Scrapper does not recommend drinking any beverages near a laptop!

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  1. Cass

    My PC came with the normal 75gb space, but I am blessed to have a son that installed an extra drive of 400gb and that is where I do all my digital scrapping.

  2. Cammy

    I have 2046MB RAM. I could certainly use more. I should mention that I often run Adobe CS4, Adobe Bridge, Firefox and folders simultaneously.

    For storage, I have 3.8 GB. Seriously not enough when you shoot photos in RAW format. Which is why I have and EHD that is about 900 GB.

    Display – I have a laptop with a 17″ screen. It’s large for a laptop, but I rarely take it anywhere, so it’s just right.

  3. amymom24

    After I started digiscrapping seriously, I decided that the next computer we get would be a mac. I find PC so restricting now! We got a 20in, 250GB iMac a couple months ago and upgraded to 4GB RAM right away. I’m blown away at how much faster and more enjoyable digiscrapping is for me now:)


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