May Work-a-Long Project: Task 4

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Whew – the month is almost over – can you believe it? Drum roll please… here’s the final task for our first Work-a-Long project! Please note the due date of 11:59pm on Sunday, May 31.

Task 4

  • In this task, I want you to honor and celebrate your subject as it is today.
  • Choose three photos, from any time period, to showcase the wonder and uniqueness of your subject.
  • Include your fourth word somewhere.
  • Build your story upon Template #4 below (optional, see reminders)

The Template

If you’ve browsed our Inspiration Tumblr, then you might have come across the layout that inspired this week’s template. One thing to notice, based on the inspiration and my project below, is that there are spots for 3 photos here!


Download the template

The Judges

I’m so excited to announce our three fantastic judges!

  • Stacy Carlson: Founder and owner of Gotta Pixel, one of the friendliest and most welcoming of digiscrap shops.
  • “Hummie”: Known for her top-notch video tutorials and building community within digiscrap!
  • Candice Stears: Perhaps Simple Scrapper’s #1 fan, Candi writes on her So Inkin Cute blog and is candi1973 on Twitter.


  • Submit a link to your entry in the comments by 11:59 pm Eastern on Sunday, May 31.
  • Remember 3 out of 4 of your entries must use the templates.
  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners receive $20, $10 and $5 gift certificates to Gotta Pixel. One random participant will also receive $5.

My Project

Wow, I can’t believe this is the last one – I feel like I could still do so much more with this kit! As with past weeks, I used Eva Kipler’s Tree Hugger… Dirt Lover, the Flux Architect font and the DJB Jennifer font. No stitching this week – the layout was so element heavy already!


So, be honest, what does everyone think of the WAL project? How can I make the experience even better next time around?

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  1. butterflygypsy

    i love your layout! it is great.

    i have loved the work along project and it has really motivated me to scrap pictures that i may have never gotten to. and also caused me to scrap faster and in ways that i normally wouldn’t. also it made me learn how to effectively use a template instead of just looking at it and trying to recreate it! thank you.

    i think i would rather do a mini album or something like that next time. but would join another project like this if you had another one.

  2. Abby

    Thank you for the template!

  3. Amber

    Fabulous template! Thank you!

  4. michelle from md, usa

    I’ve had a great time participating in this challenge. I love your templates and keeping with the same theme and kit makes for an attractive grouping of LOs. I think it makes for better flow once they are put into an album. Thanks for hosting it. I hope to do another with you, if you do it again.

  5. Maria

    I loved to do this challenge! See my comments on my blog!!
    Week 4 is posted there as well!!

    Thanks for a great challenge Jennifer! I look forward to anotherone!

  6. Maria

    One thing that I forgot to add on my coment at my blog! I loved seeing everyone’s LOs showcasing such different kits. I would actually like to acquire some of them myself… Carrie and Michelle from MD: Can you please post a link to where you got your kits, if you by any chance have that info?I loved the nautical theme on Michelle’s… it made for an interesting choice for a family theme… but it worked so well!! And I also liked Carrie’s kit simplicity and elegance… This challenge was a great way of showcasing a kit’s potential! Thanks again Jennifer for a great challenge… I would absolutely love to do anotherone… can we?

  7. Maria

    Butterflygypsy, I loved the stiching on your LO. It looks great! Good job on the LO!



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