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Jennifer Wilson

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June 26, 2009

This week, Simple Scrapper is highlighting four design trends with the Digital Scrapbooking Product Guide.

The Trend

The Traditional/Paper style is what you imagine when “scrapbooking” comes to mind. It combines innovative digital techniques with much of the same look as paper & glue scrapping. Within our community as an entirety, this is likely the post popular style. Here are some particularly beautiful examples:






Shopping for Traditional/Paper

If Traditional/Paper is your favorite style, you might consider exploring these shops:

  • Designer Digitals
  • The Digi Chick
  • Elemental Scraps
  • Enchanted Studio Scraps
  • Funky Playground Designs
  • Gotta Pixel
  • Inspiration Lane
  • Little Dreamer Designs
  • Peppermint Creative
  • Scrap Matters
  • Scrap Orchard
  • Sunshine Studio Scraps
  • Sweet Shoppe Designs
  • {we are} storytellers
  • Weeds & Wildflowers

From these stores, I picked out some of my favorite Traditional/Paper products:






I also polled DST readers on their favorite designers for each style. Who would you add to this list of favorite Traditional/Paper designers?

  • Traci Murphy, Leah Farquharson, Corina Nielsen at Funky Playground Designs
  • Lauren Grier and Dani Mogstad at SSD
  • Amy Sumrall at The Digi Chick
  • Lyndsay Riches at Scrap Orchard
  • Emily Powers at {we are} storytellers
  • Michelle Coleman at Little Dreamer Designs
  • K Studios at After Five Designs and The Lilypad
  • Ramona & Scrappin Daisies at Brownie Scraps

So tell me – why does this style appeal to you or not? In your opinion, what are the essential defining characteristics of Traditional/Paper?

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  1. Maria

    Hi Jennifer,

    I enjoyed reading this series… another place for traditional that you might want to consider: Stuff to Scrap. It is a fairly new store. But they have great designers to choose from!

  2. Susan

    Great job on the design series. Nicely written and researched. I was relieved to find I have a style: traditional/paper. I’m also inspired to try some things with the other styles.

  3. Kathleen O'Neill

    I’ve loved this series, it’s nice to have “official” names for the styles I’ve categorized in my own mind. I am probably a traditional/paper style scrapper by default, mostly because I don’t know how to do some of the photo editing footwork demanded by the fantasy style. I love that style, but the children sitting on mushrooms and peeping out of flowers are a lot more labor intensive than they look if you want them to look as though they belong in the scene. In fact, that’s one case where it was probably quicker to cut and paste real photos, rather than digital.
    I also like quirky/artsy, but pulling that style off requires a certain imagination and eye tobe effective. The color combinations and disparate elements make this kind of style a lot harder to pull together than it appears at first glance, in order to achieve a look that funky, rather than simply freaky.



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