The winners of the May WAL are…

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I was so thrilled that we had six enthusiastic scrappers participate in our first ever Work-a-Long project. I was also super excited to have Gotta Pixel on board to share some prizes. Without further delay, here are the winners:

First Place & $20Maria (Visit Maria’s blog to read about her WAL journey)

Second Place & $10Carrie

Third Place & $5Michelle from MD

Random Winner & $5Shannon (shanknits)

Here are first place winner Maria’s entries:





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  1. Maria

    Thank you Jennifer and Gotta Pixel for a woderful challenge! All the LOs were great! I had so much fun, and really enjoyed seing other kits displayed in a four week journey! Can’t wait for next challenge to begin!!

  2. Michelle

    Congratulations all!
    This was a fun challenge and it really pushed me scrap, so thank you!

  3. michelle from md, usa

    Hi Jennifer,

    WOW, Thank you!! I’m glad I found your blog in time to do this challenge (thanks Angie, ikeagoddess). I just loved playing along.

    I usually use bits and pieces of different kits to make my LOs. I have SO many kits I often never use the same one twice. But this challenge made me really look at my kit much more deeply than I ordinarily do and made me use things I probably would never have used otherwise. I loved the pages I created.

    I’m so excited for the next project. This is all so much fun!!

    Congratulations to all & Thanks again,

  4. Hummie

    Congratulations to all that participated and to the winners! I was amazed by all the layouts and wanted to give everyone a perfect score!


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