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Clearly, I’m a big fan of templates. If you hang around here, I’m guessing you might like them as well. But what does using a template really mean? How does it compare to a scraplift?  I am thinking about issues related to creative ownership and ethics here.

So, let’s discuss!

  • Why do you use templates? Is it for better design or to save time?
  • Do you ever feel guilty using a template?
  • Does the use of a template change how you view someone’s layout?
  • Designers – Do you judge prospective CT members on their template use?

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  1. Dorothy

    I wasn’t always a fan of templates, but just lately I needed to scrap in a hurry and used templates. I now love them. I do feel a little guilt about using them…you know kinda like cheating, but once you start changing things it becomes your own. I also like to use them as a base to start with or when I have lost my scrapping mojo.

  2. Brittany

    I love templates!!!! I don’t see them as cheating at all, they help you to get that mojo flowing, and act as a source of inspiration.
    As a designer I don’t judge prospective CT members on their use of templates. I want my CT members to be inspired and scrap whatever they like. If a template inspires them, then by all means scrap with it! A template is really just that: a template. You make it your own as soon as you start scrapping!
    One thing I do look for in my templates is if they can be used for CU – that is very important.
    @amymom24 – That is a great thread, thanks for sharing!

  3. Erica

    Templates are a great thing, I don’t judge scrappers who use templates, but I am not a designer. I think the problem is when the scrapper uses only templates, this is not good. I used templates for a while, but suddenly I couldn’t use them anymore neither doing scraplifts. I don’t know why. There is one year I am like this. So sad when I am not inspired.


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