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Hi everyone! Dawn here as your guest blogger today – I am known in the digi world as “winkasheart”. I am so thrilled to have this opportunity!

Today I want to show you some layouts I have found that are simple, well put together, and have the one important thing in common – journaling. The reason I scrap is to put the stories of my family down for them and future generations. While I love looking and seeing pages that other people create, and I think they are awesome, they are not always for me. I want to see the stories and photos.

While I think journaling is very important, there are also times when it just isn’t needed. The perfect photo and title says it all! So you will see a couple of that type here also.

I read somewhere when I first started scrapping, that when people look through your albums, people should be able to get the story without you sitting there explaining everything. So that is my goal when I scrap.

The following pages tell the whole story, yet are still pretty simple so you can get them done in a reasonable time and not have to spend all day on them. You can finish, have the story, the photo, and move on to the next page. I hope you enjoy seeing these pages as much as I liked them! All pages are linked to the gallery so you can see credits and even leave them some love while you are there.

By AnaReis

By Correen

By Kateypie


By Darcy Baldwin

By QueenMychl

By Stacey99

By Keepy~B

By Little D

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  1. photojenic

    Great layouts! I’m all about the story too.

  2. Erin

    beautiful layouts! You do amazing work!


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