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I’ve promised you a stress-free August full of simple tips and special treats. I want you to close out the summer feeling in control and ready for the new routines of fall. Here are three more easy ideas to make this month more productive.

1.) Set goals: Don’t put “scrapping” on your to-do list. Get specific and write down measurable and attainable goals. Think about what is really possible for the short term and focus on making headway where it will count the most.

2.) Give of yourself: Sometimes our beloved hobby can feel like a chore. Find your scrapping passion by throwing yourself into a specific project. Couple every ounce of creative energy with the love for your family to truly honor your memories.

3.) Create a mini habit: Can you find an extra hour in the day, just for these last few weeks of summer? Carve out “me” time from the routine of now to help you prepare for the coming frenzy. You won’t miss that extra hour of sleep if you make this habit temporary.

Bonus Tip: Use templates for headache-free scrapping!

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How are you streamlining your scrapping in these dog days of summer?

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  1. Tamara

    Great ideas. Thanks for the template. I just might need it this month.

  2. Sherry

    I don’t think I would ever scrap if I hadn’t discovered templates! Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Robin

    I love this template! Thanks!

  4. Amber

    Gorgeous template! Thank you!

  5. Khâ-Lyn

    Superbe template – Merci beaucoup

  6. Christine

    Hi Jennifer! Thanks for the tips! I think I do need a project of some sort. I’ve fallen behind on my P365 weekly pages. I need to kick-start those back up. Thanks for the template too!


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