Are you a digital clutterbug?

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Last week, I urged you to stop, drop and roll your way to better scrapping. I’m curious, did you follow my advice and halt new purchases in order to take a moment of reflection?

If you did, you’ve taken a birds-eye view of your entire scrapping hobby, identified priorities and started to make a dent in your backlog. This post will lead you into the next phase of this sanity plandecluttering your stash.

It’s OK to have a strong arsenal of digital scrapbooking supplies backing your craft, but do you even know what you have?


Sip the sweetest nectar by finding your inner busy bee!

1. Be honest with yourself: This is by far the biggest hurdle in clutter management, whether digital or in-real-life. Take a good hard look at what you have and truthfully answer,

  • “Will I ever use this?”
  • “Do I really need this?”
  • “Is this adding value to my life?”

2. Kick emotion to the curb: Just because you downloaded it, doesn’t mean you have to keep it. Don’t let guilt run your life – even if you’re wondering whether to delete a product you purchased with good, hard-earned money. Use the questions above to divorce good organization from worry and emotion.

3. Play favorites: Think of decluttering as a process of unveiling greatness, not of losing stuff. Ever gotten excited when all of your favorite new clothes are clean and waiting for you? Focus on what you gain by being able to scrap with your favorite products, without having to wade through all those supplies you ignore again and again.

These three tips will give you that push to go from clutterbug to busy bee! Join us every week this month for Wind Down Wednesdays and get your head on straight before fall.

Did you find this post helpful?

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  1. photojenic

    I love the last two posts. I’m guilty of keeping things I don’t like just because I paid for it. πŸ™‚

    • Jennifer

      Aren’t we all? The secret really is being willing to let go and knowing its really ok. Your sanity is worth so much!

  2. Robin

    You’ve inspired me. I have a lot of stuff on my hard drive I know I will never use. It’s time to clean it up!

    • Jennifer

      I try to have a 6 month rule for freebies (except perhaps Christmas-themed)… if I haven’t touched it in 6 months, I never will.

  3. Stan

    I might venture to guess that a lot of us have lots of freebies – it’s way to easy to just click on something you maybe , might us versus spending some cold hard cash. I know that I really ponder a purchase before downloading and paying; a freebie, I click away! I think your six month rule is great!

    Stan at Scrappers Workshop

    • Jennifer

      I find it helpful to consider every freebie as having a cost, particularly to my time. If I wouldn’t pay $1 for it, then I don’t download it.



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