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Today’s post has been preempted by a string of things gone awry. As I sit here trying to failing to (see note below) post from my BlackBerry,

1.) I have still not received my luggage, despite having arrived home from Vancouver two days ago.

2.) I am lamenting the death of our beloved router, which died in the middle of the night, leaving our household without internet, XBox Live and accurate weather predictions.

3.) I am running on significant less sleep than my time in the bed would indicate due to wearing Birkenstocks yesterday for the first time in many years (see #1), causing my now arch-less feet to itch and burn with a fire and fervor I’d never before experienced.

4.) While our small town has a few wireless establishments where I could sip a latte and blog to my heart’s content, we are due any minute now to depart for a town 1/10th the size to see family for lunch and the county fair.

Due to these circumstances, this is today’s post. I am hopeful to bring you new releases tomorrow without much difficulty.

In the meantime, please tell me a funny story about when life got in the way of your scrapping or blogging.

While I was attempting to compose this on my phone, my husband went to get a new router. Shortly before he arrived, I realized there was no “Publish” button to be found. I was lucky enough to copy & paste the narrative that I am now posting from my laptop

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  1. breeoxd

    Mine is only slightly funny, more of an I understand post. I just moved a couple of weeks ago and had left changing the utilities up to the hunny. He makes his first attempt with comcast and does it for Aug 1st. We moved on the 25th of July btw. So I ask him to please call back and reschedule for something less than a week with no phone tv or internet. Plus, I have to post for my creative teams. SoOOOO he calls back and the guy was like, suure, we can get you in on the 25th. So we spend the whole day moving and guess what? The installer never shows. This was a SAturday, so we had to wait til Monday to call. So we call and they say they are all booked up. ” But wait!” the guy says. “We can get you in on July 20th”. Yeah, the guy was seriously trying to give us an appt. for a day long past. At that point I gave up and just accepted that we were going to have to wait. Sigh. I hate moving. Hope your day goes better!


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