When scrapping gives you lemons…

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Yesterday I came clean about my vacation photo-editing and scrapping progress. But there’s more to summer than vacation, right? In this post, I want to encourage you to do a quick-fire catch up for the whole season using a similar, but abbreviated, approach.


First, I want you to retrieve your photos from that array of memory cards you have laying around. You know the ones of which I speak. Put your photos in one directory, labeled by event. Don’t worry about editing.

Now, make a list of the stories you want to tell. Don’t do any journaling persay, but just jot down bullet points you want to cover. Browse through your images and begin flagging the best of the lot. Number (prioritize) your list in a way that just feels right.

Empty out your downloads/desktop/other holding area from zip files of new supplies. Unzip, organize and tag just these new items to your chosen scheme. Don’t worry about older, untagged items – you’re trying to get caught up with the new stuff.

Open the cupboard and grab a giant glass. Pour yourself some lemonade, sit back and relax. Feel refreshed in knowing you make some big steps forward.

When the weather begins to cool, revisit your list, grab your labeled photos and start scrapping! Use this approach to make headway in your own path towards greater scrapping sanity! Join us every week this month for Wind Down Wednesdays and get your head on straight before fall.

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