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I’ve got a lot going on today, so I thought I would simply update you on a few things and answer some questions. Oh, and there’s a quick little drawing.

My own albums

I’ve posted about my issues with the 8×8 American Crafts albums and my search for something better.  Well, I just might be on to something. We R Memory Keepers makes a very lovely 3-ring (yes, definitely 3 of them) linen album. It even has the little bracket on the side for a label!

I’ve ordered some, along with 8×8 page protectors (good deal at Joann.com), but haven’t opened the box yet. Why? Because I only just today ordered any 8×8 pages from Scrapping Simply. As soon as those layouts arrive, I will snap some photos and share them here with you!

As an important side note, American Crafts was so thoughtful to contact me about my concerns. Good news – they have true 3-ring 8×8 albums in the works! On top of that, they sent me something right now!


A giveaway

American Crafts sent along a brown 12×12 post bound album. Since I’ve switched to all 8×8, I thought I would give this album to one of you. Leave a comment here (about anything) and I’ll choose a winner tomorrow at noon.

Some reader questions

I love to answer reader questions, but not all require a full post or are a topic I’ve covered before.

Which is your favorite layout that you have created, and why?

While I’m really proud of my most recent work, there are a several from the past year that are really special to me. Each one marks a key moment in my scrapping, not necessarily in my life.

The one where I realized I could scrap a page that wasn’t ugly (thanks Stacey Crossley!):


The one where I discovered how nice drop shadows can really mimic paper scrapping:


The one where I learned how to fit a block of journaling into a layout:


The one where I decided it really was OK to put my thoughts and feelings in my scrapping:


The one where I figured out that stitching is a really awesome, yet subtle, element:


I scrap primarily in 8.5 x 11. Do you have suggestions how to convert to this size from 12 x 12 layouts without compromising the balance and design of the layout?

I shared two ways to do this last month and The Daily Digi added some tips for convering templates yesterday. Does this help?

Simple Scrapper will be back tomorrow with another great discussion topic. Until then, don’t forget to enter the giveaway!

Did you find this post helpful?

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  1. Robin

    Post bound albums aren’t my favorite, but if I won a FREE one I’d use it! Thanks for sharing some of your layouts. Love ’em!

  2. Elsina

    I am only just starting with hybrid scrapping, so can’t say yet what is my favorite.

  3. Holly Johnson

    I haven’t been scrapping very long but thank you for the chance to win!

  4. Angela Tomczak

    My favorite layout is when I discovered how to “weave” digitally.

  5. Mary

    My favorite album is the one I just finished – whatever one that is!!!

    Suggestion (selfish one!) – if you have a contact with American Crafts – could you suggest a 10×10 album? I don;t think ANYONE makes one, and I think that would be the perfect size!

  6. tzigane

    i would love to win this as i previously scrapped in 8.5 x 11 with paper and since switching to digital i have NO 12 x 12 albums to use! so this would be great!

  7. kelleighr

    I’m so excited to see your post on your new albums. Open, open, open! In the meantime, I’d love to win the 12×12!! I still paper scrap, so this would be great!!

  8. Ramie

    Thanks for the contest! Am glad to hear that American Crafts has a 3ring in the works. I love their 8×8’s but not the 2 ring part! I use a binder clip to hold all the pages together in the corner in the 2 I have! Thanks again!

  9. Candice S.

    I am sooooooooooooo thrilled that AC is currently in the process of making 3-ring 8×8’s! That rocks! I have used 3-ring binder-type albums for quite some time now, even back in the day when people would turn their nose up at them…..it was all about the “post bound” albums.

    By the way, I remember when you created your “camping layout!” I loved it them, and I love it now!

    Thanks for the chance to win an AC album, that rocks!!!! Their albums seem to be high-quality and I have wanted to try one out! Plus I have many of scrap pages that need to go into an album! 🙂

    Thanks for all you do, Girl!

  10. dana j

    I love the layout of me holding my 3 year old daughter right before her port surgery (to be used for Chemotherapy). It provokes such a feeling for me that none of the others do! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  11. Lisa S.

    Thanks for the chance to win! My favorite layout is usually the one I’ve just finished, because the memories are at the surface. (And I’m so happy to have scrapped something….)

  12. Joella

    Thanks for the inspiration! I love these 12×12 albums… there really work nicely for my layouts!

  13. Char- D

    I use 12″ 12″ post binders so this would be a great win for me. Thanks.

  14. michelle from MD, USA

    Maybe actually having an album laying around would be the insentive I need to finally print some of my LOs. I only have a little over 300 to choose from! What do’ya think? Thanks for the chance.


  15. Jen

    I need one more scrapbook before I switch to all digital and just get them printed. A free one would be lovely!

    I like how all your favorite pages are ones where you learned something. I haven’t ventured into the thoughts and feelings thing yet but I want to. It’s a little scary putting all that out there though!

  16. EBPitcher

    I love a contest! Thanks for sharing!

  17. Michelle

    Thanks for the contest!

  18. Leonor

    I start to scrap recently (1 month ago) and your site became a daily routine for me. Never commented (dont really know why) but perhaps in the begining its normal just to watch (and learn).
    I want to say thank you for the wonderfull resourses and advices.
    I also thank you the oportunity to win the album, and admit that was the reason why i comment this time (shame on me)

    I would like to show you my (very immature) pages:
    My last one, made for a challenge is here:

    This one is my favourite, so far:

    Here I have my very first pages:

    Thank you for reading. Thank you for your site.

  19. Britiney

    What a great giveaway. Pick me!!!

  20. Amber

    Well, I have to say that’s really nice of American Crafts to acknowledge the issue with their albums. You don’t need to enter me into your giveaway – I just wanted to comment.

  21. kicksmom

    Thanks for the news about the 8×8 American Crafts album. I’ll be interested to hear about it when it becomes available. I always scrap in 12×12 but have printed in 8×8. If I win the 12×12, I think I’ll print out my favorite layouts for a “Favorites” book.

  22. Sally Swift

    I like the book-look of post bound albums.

  23. Becky

    I scrap 8×8 and am always on the lookout for nice looking albums. I do like the look of post bound albums, but maybe I should consider three-ring ones too. Thanks for your info!

  24. Dana

    you are a scrapping genious!

    • Jennifer

      I have to say this is my favorite comment! =)

  25. Kay

    Love your blog – and love giveaways (just wish I’d win one!).

  26. heidi y

    Good to know a great company like American Crafts got back to you and glad there’s a new 3-ring coming out!! I love all their other albums and products!! Thanks for the chance!

  27. Melinda Wilson

    My favorite albums have always been 3 ring binders and I finally saw one of the 12 x 12’s by AC you are giving away. I would love to win.

  28. Janet

    Any of the pages for my granddaughters’ graduation albums–not so much becuz of my scrapping abilities, but more because they are such beautiful girls!


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