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I’m not talking about Hugh Jackman or Rob Pattinson here… we’re talking scrapbooking eye candy. You know, those layouts and projects that make you drool with envy and want to buy that kit RIGHT NOW. Yes, I think you know the ones of which I speak!

When you’re not feeling creative and a template just won’t do, where do you look for inspiration? Which galleries do you love and which scrappers are you biggest heroes?

I’ll kick it off: I love to browse the gallery at My Scrapbook Art. That’s where most of the inspiration layouts are found. My scrapping hero is Lynnette Penacho (aka Nettio). I just love her bright color combos and paper-inspired scrapping style. She’s one of the SugarBabes and also, just as sweet as can be!


Now, tell me all about your favorite eye candy!

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  1. amymom24

    I’m also a Lynette fan;)

    I go to galleries for inspiration, but I also enjoy “leafing” through older e-zine, like Digital Artisit Magazine (have purchased a couple issues in the past), or DST Insider or MSA Flourish.

    • Kathleen

      I just looked at the websites mentioned in this article, and was dismayed to realize that I’d never seen any of them (dismayed because I don’t need to find another website from which I can purchase anything). But, since you included a URL I could click, I thought I’d give it a try.
      I loved it. Something about it made me feel as though I was talking to someone I might know, who gave suggestions I might actually use. What often turned me off with many scrapbook magazines was reading about people agonizing over layouts for hours, and then deciding that what the page needed was a jute string drawn across a corner of the layout–or something equally, to my mind, inconsequential. On “your” website though, right away I came across an interesting suggestion about buying a USB microphone. Since we scrapbook for our memories and for our future, I can’t help but think the conversations recorded, the voice overs in our own voices, all of those things would be considered of much more interest than the absence or presence of a piece of string.

  2. Jenn White

    I don’t get out enough. I rely on you to show me cool stuff and designers! I do need to start trolling through galleries though for inspiration, I’ll check out some of these places!

  3. Suzanne

    Why not Rob? LOL! Seriously, I like browsing MSA too. 🙂 TFS!

  4. Kim

    I read your blog regularly, on your mailing list. I don’t always get over to reply, but today I got a chance to post here. 🙂 I enjoy looking through any and all galleries for inspiration. But a few of my favorites are Digi Scrap Obsession, DigiDesignResort, Scrapbook Flair, and of course the MSA gallery as well. 😉 Don’t forget the different blogs that show us some beautiful eye candy as well.

  5. Lynnette (Nettio)

    Oh wow, thank you so much for mentioning me! That’s so cool! I’m really honored!

    I too am a fan of My Scrapbook Art, tons of eye candy there. I also really love the gallery at Designer Digitals, especially their CT gallery. They have a more traditional story/photo style that isn’t as abundant in other galleries.

  6. Kathleen

    I got way more eye candy than I bargained for when I started looking at this website, and learned about the different kinds of scrapbooking, and where to find supplies for them. There were different styles that appealed to me, but I wouldn’t have known how to describe them.
    What appeals to me visually, “eye candy” as you describe it, will often have me buying, but when it comes to actually doing, some of them seem to require considerable Photoshop skills. I love fantasy, and whimsey, and very graphic designs (like advertising), so there are a variety of styles that draw me in.
    I’ve noticed also the tiny little pictures surrounded by a great deal of space. Although in expert hands, they’re lovely, and the kits these layouts are made from are usually my taste, these particular layouts are less so. I also look a them and think “you can tell this person either doesn’t have many pictures, or else doesn’t pay for her ink.”


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