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1026234_pirateYou don’t have to be engaged in the digital scrapbooking community very long to notice creative teams (CTs). These are groups of scrappers that work with a designer’s products in exchange for receiving them free.

It’s a good deal actually, but with it comes deadlines and responsibility. Overload yourself and its easy to get off track. Here’s a few ways you can excel at being a truly horrible CT member.

  1. Be selfish. Only join the CT to get free products.
  2. Go MIA. Completely disappear with no communication.
  3. Be lazy. Forget to credit the designer in your gallery.
  4. Late again? Never turn anything in on time.
  5. Repeat offender. Never turn ANYTHING in at all.
  6. Be two-faced. Talk smack about the designer.
  7. Stealer! Downloading the designer’s whole store at once.
  8. Ahoy matey! Anonymously give away the designer’s products.

Try not to do these things and you’ll avoid getting booted from your favorite designer’s inner circle. Do you have any horror stories about CT members gone awry?

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  1. Stan

    I’m looking forward to what others have to say – we only had a CT for a short time at Jenn’s design business ScrapKitty Design and while the girls we’re all good, it sometimes seemed like their commitment didn’t equal our needs. Still we felt blessed that anyone would want to help us out like that! Being on a CT seems to be a huge commitment but seems to be really rewarding.

    just my thoughts…

    Stan at Scrappers Workshop

  2. Tammy

    Yep good description of a bad CT member. I am on 2 CT’s and it really is important to be on time for the designers. I dont really have any horror stories but I did have something not good happen to me when I was on a 3rd CT not too long ago. They decided to shut down the entire site and store and well failed to let me know about it! I was so unhappy about that! I found out by accident reading someone elses post….They should have emailed me personally I thought but that’s life I guess sometimes. Oh well.

    Have a good one!

  3. Katie

    Such good points to bring up. I’ve been on a lot of teams and had a team and it is hard to find team members who really care. I know everyone is busy, but you shouldn’t sign up for a team if you don’t have the time and energy to commit. I have made some great friends by being on teams and the best part of it is the constant inspiration I get from the designer and the other team members. The free products are just a bonus. 🙂

  4. Rylea

    I agree with Katie. I am a CT myself for several designers and basically learning as I go, enjoying the inspiration and friendships I get from a few people on my teams. It is hard work but very rewarding. It seems the free kits are more then enough payment for me. I love doing for them….hoping to get the kits sold. I admire them so with all the talent they show. I also can’t stand people who seem to be there only for a kit or two and then bail. It is like stealing. I see people all the time passing off designers stuff as their own. I have started writing down sites with names as I come acrossed them to tell those I work for about it. Can’t stop people from being this way, but think majority of people are decent and willing to help.

    Thanks for these funny tips. I think I shall use these pointers to others as a giggle and to make them think about what they do. I just ran acrossed your site and bookmarked it for future reference and shall add it to my own blog. Thanks so much for taking this time to be so informative.

  5. Jenn White

    I missed this when it was first posted, found it when I cleaned out my inbox!
    Too funny and too true!
    My pet peeve is people who don’t make ‘real’ layouts. They slap one photo with some stuff around it, and call it a layout! The CT people I use the most are those who take the time to make a true layout – photos that tell a story, dates, journaling, etc. I think too many people take on too much, then have to ‘crank them out’ to keep up, compromising quality!
    Thanks for your humorous take on the subject!


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