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Seven months ago, I polled Simple Scrapper readers on their favorite digital scrapbooking stores. I want to repeat that poll to see how reader tastes have evolved. This poll is important for helping me select the subset of shops I peruse weekly for new releases.

Before we get to the poll, I have some very important rules:

  • Please do not share this poll in shop forums to try and boost the results for one shop over another. I’d really like this poll to be representative of scrappers in general and Simple Scrapper readers in particular.
  • In the comments (and with an “Other” vote), please only list excluded shops if they are in your top three. This list is not meant to be exhaustive.

[poll id=”12″]

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  1. Kim

    My favorites are not listed above. 🙁
    Digi Scrap Obsession

  2. Denise

    One of my favorites isn´t listed, Digiscrappers Brasil 🙂

  3. Elaine

    Digital Scrapbooking at Digitals & The Daily Scrapper Store

  4. Deb

    I also like to buy from Cottage Arts (.net).

  5. tzigane

    only one of my was listed, Divine Digital, but I also shop at Bouquet of Pixels and Digital Scrap Ink

  6. mskinsey

    I’m really partial to DigiDesignResort as well as the two I voted for.

  7. Britiney

    Digital Design Essentials

  8. Chris A.

    Great poll. I think it is interesting how we evolve over time with digi scrapping. I’m totally different than when I started. Now I like things simple and a focus more on the photography than all the elements.

  9. Katie

    I also shop at Pixel Canvas. It was not listed.

  10. Connie

    House of 3 – houseof3.com

  11. Junebugmom68

    I also shop at DSO~Digi Scrap Obession.

  12. Amber

    I also shop a Creative Memories. I use my own website for downloads, and the consultant site for digital CDs.

  13. Amber

    I also shop at Creative Memories. I use my own website for downloads, and the consultant site for digital CDs.

  14. Amber

    Sorry! Can you delete one of those, please? Preferably the one with the typo… LOL!

  15. photojenic

    It was interesting to see some of my old favorites that I don’t shop at anymore, and new ones I’ve never heard of before (and now must check out *lol*).

  16. Jenn White

    The only one I go to regularly that’s not on your list: DigitalScrapbookPages

  17. kelleighr

    This is really interesting!! I can’t wait to see the final tally!

  18. Suzy

    My third place is: digiscrappersbrasil.com

  19. KayJay

    My favourite shop is not listed “DigiScrapObsession” – I have always shopped there since I discovered Digiscrapping in Nov2007 – now I have the honour of being on their CT, but I honestly still shop there!

  20. Kathleen O'Neill

    For several years, I’ve purchased alphabet and embellishment supplies at PC Crafter, a site that sells sets of clipart; and Lettering Delights, a site selling decorative fonts and alphabets. The two companies seem to have some relation. One thing that I love about these sites is that your purchases are always there to download, and if you check something that you’ve already purchased, it will inform you of that fact. This is a major bonus for people like me, who own so much that they lose track of what they already own. I wish more shops would do this; it’s highly unlikely that anyone would be buying the same thing twice, so it would be nice if they could give you a heads up; the information is already in your order history, so it shouldn’t mean having to reinvent the wheel. I suppose a different organizing system on my part might help, but with PC Crafter and Lettering Delights it saves having to go back into your system to check.
    It’s also easy to shop for items by several means; date issued, theme, designer.
    While the sites are definitely not one stop shopping–for more complete scrapbook packages, PC Crafter has a related site-and the contents of PC Hugware tend to be on the cute/whimsical side; for anyone who likes these things, they are excellent companies to deal with. They also have frequent sales.

  21. Carri

    Another huge fan of House of 3!

    Great poll because some of those stores I had not heard of before. So I thank you, but my purse does not!

  22. Patricia

    I mostly shop either RAKscraps.com or scrappersguide.com both of which are simply fantastic. I have to admit I am on the CT team at RAKscraps but got my start with digital scrapping mostly from the excellent, bar none training from scrappersguide with Linda Sattgast. Her tutorials are just so good. I had an extremely hard time learning Photoshop (and I’m a computer person) but I learned most of what I know from her CDs.

  23. Lorry

    My #3 is Ginger Scraps.

  24. Bubbles

    One of my long time faves is DigiScrap Obsession

  25. Erin

    I’m also a big fan (majority of purchases) are from Raspberry Road Designs.

  26. JamWest1007

    Digital Design Essentials is a definite favorite…LOVE Gina Cabrera.

  27. Beth H

    I didnt see Stuff to Scrap on the list 🙁

  28. Anna

    Definitely Pixel Canvas! (I have no personal connection with the store.)



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