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Last May, I posted a brief introduction to hybrid scrapbooking. Since then, this sub-community of the digital world has taken off. This month’s DST Insider (must be logged in) is all about hybrid fun and big industry players are getting in on the paper+pixels bandwagon.

With the work you all are doing for Scrappers Give Thanks, I wanted to make this Discussion Friday all about hybrid. One issue that puzzles me, is that we say “hybrid scrapbooking”, but hybrid galleries are full of mostly crafty projects. Is anyone actually doing hybrid scrapbook layouts?

I also have a lot of things on my mind for those that are and are not doing things on the hybrid spectrum:

If you’ve not yet taken the plunge or are just dabbling:

  • What intrigues you about hybrid?
  • Is hybrid more about projects or layouts to you?
  • Have you done all paper projects or layouts in the past?
  • What resources do you need to make hybrid accessible?

If you’re already into this crafty intersection of traditional and digital:

  • What advice to you have for beginners?
  • How can digital scrappers keep hybrid super easy?
  • What kind of projects do you do?
  • What are your favorite sources for templates?
  • Who do you turn to for tips, tricks & tutorials?

As I’ve mentioned, my examples for Scrappers Give Thanks were my first foray into hybrid. Now I see doors opening for completing hybrid layouts, particular in the printer-friendly 8.5×11 size. One of my issues with traditional scrapbooking was the constant need to measure things. With hybrid, I can measure digitally – problem solved! So tell me all about your thoughts on hybrid!

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  1. Laura

    I’m relatively new to both scrapbooking and cardmaking. But I recently bought a few inexpensive digital products (journaling cards, etc.) and printed them out so I’d have them handy for projects. I like printing out sentiments to use on cards, and can see myself printing out journaling blocks for use on scrapbook pages. I like using my own handwriting, but there will be times when I want to use a specific font, or know that the journaling will fit well in a particular space. I sincerely hope that people embrace hybrid scrapbooking (as I don’t want all the great “real” paper and embellishments to disappear because everyone has switched to digital). I have a good printer, but ink costs a fortune. I’d rather buy great products, such as paper and cardstock, and simply add some digital things here and there.

  2. lighthousegal

    I “learned” how to scrapbook with paper, but once I found digital I have not even opened my paper stash again. The projects, though, do intrigue me. I think it is more a situation that I can see projects that I can do with my girls vs something I want to make. I really enjoy sitting back at my desk or with my laptop, creating and never having to worry about hauling out supplies or making sure everything is picked up before the girls get up.

  3. Brianna Walling

    I just love this idea! I have two sets of cards, one set that I market to other people via my website, and one stash for me to give to friends and family. This is a great idea to keep my stash of cards neat and tidy and most importantly in the same place. From one card maker to another, thanks for sharing!

  4. Jenn White

    I’ve been a paper scrapper since before scrapping was cool – around 1980. But once I found digi, and the quality of the graphics available (and my own skills) improved enough, I’ve not looked back. I tried some hybrid layouts, mostly just leaving off a ribbon/flower/ alpha embellishments, and adding those on later. Then it got so it was a pain to go dig up the stuff, and adhesives, and it was easier to just do digi. Then if I wanted a a 12×12 for my book, and several 8x8s for the grandmas, I didn’t have to do it over and over, and find the right size stuff for the smaller pages.
    I still love the hands on of paper stuff, but I do limit it to crafty things mostly. Teacher gifts, notebook covers, cards, small projects that I have a specific use for!
    I do like the look of my hybrid pages, but the convenience of digi is WAY out weighing that. I don’t print at home, so cost is not an issue. My last batch of 12×12 prints cost me a little over a dollar a piece by ordering in bulk and catching a sale. Can’t BEGIN to match that cost in paper scrap.
    If I were a paper company, I’d be looking to get into the output game!

  5. Amber

    I like the idea of hybrid, mainly because I have a paper fetish, lol. If you’re doing a traditional layout, and need something you don’t have, you can print out a digital version, cut it out and use it. So handy. Plus, you can alter the color prior to printing, if you need to. I’ve done one hybrid layout, you can see it here:
    There is also a social network based entirely on hybrid:
    In fact, the layout I did was for a project on Scrapbook Dimensions.

    I like the ability to alter digital papers and elements and printing them to use on traditional layouts. In this way, you can truly make personalized, unique layouts and projects.



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