The Larry Winget Guide to Scrapbooking

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larrry winget

Have you ever had a bald man in a orange jacket and zebra-striped boots yell at you? I have – and let me say it got my attention.

A few years ago, Larry Winget, aka The Pitbull of Personal Development, gave the keynote speech at a conference I was attending. It was several days later that I realized this was the same guy I had seen as host of A&E’s Big Spender.

I was enamored with his nearly offensive, tell-it-like-it-is attitude and immediate bought one of his books (Shut Up, Stop Whining and Get a Life) and read it cover to cover. Larry’s lessons on personal responsibility have certainly shaped who I have grown into over the past few years and I, to this day, rely on his 18 Guiding Principles for Success, Happiness and Prosperity. I have this postcard hanging at my desk.


In this post, I want to share with you Larry Winget’s 18 Guiding Principles for Satisfaction, Happiness and Productivity in Scrapbooking. Please take them for both the core message and the tongue-and-cheek manner in which that were written.

  1. Take Responsibility. Don’t take on CT work if you’re a slacker.
  2. Love. If you hate it, trashΒ it. I don’t care if you bought it just a month ago.
  3. Focus. Stop the chit chat and spend more time scrapping.
  4. Ask. No one will think you’re stupid if you ask a question.
  5. Keep it Simple. You’re too busy for every LO to be fine art.
  6. Be Positive. You’re also too busy to have time for talking smack.
  7. Learn. Keep your eyes open; there will always be better scrappers than you.
  8. Be Flexible. Stop surfing and make the most out of 15 minutes of time.
  9. Believe. Have more confidence in your skills and your LOs will suck less.
  10. Serve. You’re never too experienced to answer a newbie’s question.
  11. Give. Participate in charitable scrap-related activities.
  12. Speak Up. If you see piracy happening, call them out.
  13. Lighten Up. Other people are too busy to comment on your LO.
  14. Be Thankful. You’ve got money to pay for things that aren’t real.
  15. Expect the Best. Have the confidence to apply to that dream CT.
  16. Be Prepared for the Worst. When was the last time you backed up?
  17. Celebrate it All. You’re not a pro photographer, so just enjoy your photos.
  18. Discover your Uniqueness. Scrap the way you want to scrap.

As a bonus, we’ve got four additional tips from Larry to help you get your head on straight.

  • Stop complaining that you have lost your mojo.
  • It’s your fault that your scrapping sucks.
  • If you have time to watch TV, then you have time to scrap.
  • Shut up, stop whining, and get scrapping!

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  1. dalis

    OMG… love it… can I post this in my blog? I would link you too of course…
    this is just PERFECT…

    – dalis

  2. Jenn (jenn7)

    Good stuff! And so true! I needed a reminder of a few of these. πŸ™‚

  3. Tami

    This is the best stuff I’ve read in a LONG time. And I’m not even thinking about the implications for scrapping yet. Thank you, thank you!

  4. Helen P

    OMGosh!!! Don’t know whether to sit up straight or bust out crying, LOL!! This is really good stuff. And let me just say….never heard of this man before reading your post but only a guy that is as menacing looking as him can pull off a shirt with huge flowers & a GINORMOUS turquoise ring and still look hot!!! hee-hee πŸ™‚

  5. Erin

    just awesome! Thanks for the inspiration and pep talk!

  6. Alexis

    LOL This is just GREAT! Thanks for the take on his book – just awesome and very true… Love the concept and creativity you put into today’s newsletter – thanks so much!

  7. Dana

    this is awesome! I want to print it out and post it on my wall.

  8. photojenic

    Ditto everybody above…I love this post!

  9. Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever

    WOO HOO!!! Fantabulous list Jennifer and ALL are SO right on!

    I do remember Larry Winget and thank you for sharing his guiding principles with a MOST insightful digital scrapbooking twist! If I ever lose track of this list, then I shall simply have to “Winget”! πŸ˜€

    Have an AWESOME weekend Jennifer!

  10. kelleighr

    This cracks me up!! Funniest thing I’ve read all day, and SO true!! Thanks for the bonus!

  11. Ang

    Awesome! My fav is “Stop complaining that you have lost your mojo.”

    That’s SO my usual excuse!!!

    Thank you for your time and all the love you put into your blog!!!

  12. Michelle

    OMG! I love this post!! Great advice. Thanks for the smack in the face on a couple of those. LOL! I’m gonna go check this guy out and you keep up the great work on this blog. I’m a big fan. πŸ˜€

  13. Stan

    Another great post Jenn! I live by #6 – Be positive – taught to me by a motivational speaker named Keith Harrell. Going to go check out Larry’s site.

    Stan at Scrappers Workshop

  14. Jenn White

    Tell it, GIRL! All words to live by. Except the be positive thing (see Stan’s comment, above). It gets annoying at 7AM on a Saturday morning when all I want to do is sleep πŸ™ There’s a time to be grumpy and a time to be cheery, to everything there is a season…

    • Jennifer

      LOL. I can totally relate!

  15. Katie

    Yes. πŸ™‚ Thank you! Not what I thought I’d read – Too many scrapblogs are “there there, its okay” but I like the fact you’ve called out some of the excuses we let ourselves fall into!



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