15 minutes to a stress-free week

Jennifer Wilson

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December 19, 2009


Knock knock. You guys still out there? Whether you’re coming or going or buried under a mountain of wrapping paper, I’ve got one quick tip to keep you sane from now until the New Year. It’s so simple you might even laugh, but trust me.

Grab whatever notebook or digital tool you use for day-to-day list making. Start a new page and make a master list. Dump all those worries and stressors you have rattling around. Mark down your commitments and everything that needs to be completed before each.

We all need this reminder to take a breath and re-organize our thoughts, but here’s how it can help your memory keeping. When its all said and done and we’re into 2010 and thinking about scrapping you’ll have this list. You’ll have a long list of everything that preoccupied your time and energy in these final days of the year. You have all the fodder you need from some great journaling!

Try it out – and let me know what you think!

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  1. Christine

    Great tip! this is exactly what I do to de-stress. Knowing the concrete list is better than the uneasy feeling that you’re missing something. I keep most of my lists around even after the tasks are done, precisely for memory-keeping purposes!



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