Capture the Season: Week 1 in Review

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I can’t believe one week has already passed us by. Temps are dropping quickly and some of us even have snow! Hanukkah starts in just over a week and Christmas is only 3 weeks away. Don’t panic, just ride the wave of excitement and do the best you can. Say no and let go more. Do less, enjoy it all!

So in our first week of Capture the Season, we’ve:

Did you tackle this week’s assignment? Here’s the prompt again:

The cornucopia is an ancient symbol of abundance and is a common image around the time of Thanksgiving. Share what is in your personal cornucopia basket this year with at least 4 photos of what is important in your life. Use a list format to detail all the goodness that fills your life with joy and love.

Aud posted today about her experience in week 1. Are you blogging about Capture the Season? Or are you participating in another way?

Personally, I snapped quite a few photos at Thanksgiving. I will be including images of my dad carving the turkey, our traditional pineapple centerpiece, my mom’s white and blue dishes and my favorite foods of the day. I’ll also include a photo of all four of us on our laptops, which is how we spent the afternoon – football and the internet!

My list will include gratitude for:

  1. the hope that carries me through life
  2. the family that supports my every move
  3. the husband that makes sure I laugh every single day
  4. the kids that have accepted me in their life
  5. the pets that love to snuggle at the most inconvenient times
  6. the home that keeps me warm and safe
  7. the job that allows me to pursue my passions
  8. the time I have to share with my loved ones
  9. the peace I’ve gained from growing older
  10. the internet that keeps me connected with the world

In terms of scrapping, I haven’t decided on any products yet. While I love the clean, modern look, when it comes to supplies I’m a little more traditional. I think my favorite week is still to come!

How did your week go?

Did you find this post helpful?

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  1. Nani

    I have posted about Capture the Season a couple of times at The Chronicles of Nani. I’m following along, but I’m doing a little more now rather than wait. I explain how it fits me better to do a little as I go, but I also promote the gathering and scrapping later plan. What is really great about Capture the Season is it’s great ideas for scrapping any time of the year and it works with everyone’s style! I’m loving this program! Again, thanks for dong it!! 🙂



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