Capture the Season: Week 2 in Review

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christmas church

Eeek! Your faithful blogger is totally slacking. Nope, I’ve not been drinking too much egg nog. Rather, I’m frantically trying to prepare for a week away from home! Do you have to travel for work in December? I do it every year it seems, but I’m not a big fan. The timing is horrible!

So we’re a little behind on the schedule. Isn’t that life? Simple Scrapper is all about being flexible – so let’s roll with it! My plan is to get the Week 3 assignment and template up before bedtime tonight. And then tomorrow we’ve got 2 great posts and a giveaway lined up!

This week at Capture the Season, our 6 week e-course on simple holiday memory keeping, we covered:

Did you tackle this week’s assignment? Here’s the prompt again:

The use of evergreen trees, boughs and wreaths around Christmas has its roots in ancient festivals celebrating the return of the sun at the Winter Solstice, affirming the ongoing cycle of life. These meanings and symbols have evolved through history as cultures have interpreted them in connection with their own traditions and beliefs. Use images of your home’s holiday décor to explore the personal meaning of traditions in your family.

Audrey dove right in and captured one of her family’s traditions with this week’s template. I love how this particular prompt and template could be used again and again, to celebrate all the different traditions in your family. You could even change it up with a simple rotation.

This week, I found some time to do a few of things:

1. I photographed our decor, even though the outside lights are not yet hung and the Christmas tree is not fully decorated. I used the tip mentioned in this post to grab several out-of-focus images of our tree’s lights. I will definitely be using one of those in my layout!

2. I also photographed some latkes I made earlier in the week. Though we don’t celebrate Hanukkah, I have a lot of friends who do. So, I think its important and fun to share in some of their holiday traditions.

3. I off-loaded all of my photos to date from the memory card to the laptop. I knew I would have a lot of time while traveling to sort the photos into folders and perhaps do some editing. I also feel better knowing that I can pick up the camera and the memory card is empty and ready to go.

4. I snagged 15 minutes of time and shopped my stash for a few papers to use for Week 1’s template. While there are so many new products I love, I’m hoping I can get away with not buying anything new.

5. I thought about my Week 2 layout. My largest photo will be of the plastic canvas cross-stitched houses my grandmother made. My journaling for this week will read:

Christmas is as much about new beginnings as it is about tradition and the past. While last year was our first married holiday together, we were still settling into our new life as a blended family. With 365 days behind us, we’ve figured out a lot of things and have jumped right into the spirit of things. Taking advantage of Black Friday sales at Hobby Lobby, I was able to give some life and whimsy to some of the less-decorative aspects of our home. A year also brought us more control over our clutter and I was able to unearth a treasured box. I remember so vividly the little Christmas village my grandmother had assembled from cross-stitched plastic canvas. She faithfully placed it in the front window each year, with little tufts of cotton stuffing serving as the “snow”. As I unpacked the box, I even found a few of my small toys still inside one of the houses. As I set up the scene in my own home, complete with the town’s church and a lighted blanket of fresh snow, I was reminded of how the littlest of things can be tied to the biggest of memories.

What did you do this week? I’d love to hear about the photos you’re taking, the notes you’re making and how you’re trying to keep up with it all? Is anyone doing a more traditional December Daily project?

Photo by carstenfonsdal

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